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Funky Time Live

Evolution Live is well known for producing hit after hit in the live casino games market - but does their streak continue with new release Funky Time Live? The much anticipated Funky Time follows Evolution's critically acclaimed Crazy Time. It is based on the same idea and has multiplier payouts in the style of 70s disco extravagance. This game offers up to 4 bonus games, just like the original, and a brand-new, cutting-edge betting structure. If you’re looking for how to play this game, explore the Game Page of Funky Time here as in this article we’re getting down to the nitty gritty to see what this game is all about.

Funky Time Game Details

Game Name: Funky TimeMax Win: 10,000x
Game Provider: Evolution GamingSide Bets: Yes
Live Host: YesSupported Platforms: Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC
RTP: 95.99%Supported OS: Android, Apple, Windows


How Does the Funky Time Live Gameplay Hold Up?

Let’s kick off our Funky Time Live game review, by taking a look at the gameplay experience on offer. Like its predecessor, it is a distinctive design centered on a sizable Money Wheel. The studio's brilliant colors and 70s disco motif are equally significant. The presentation and the betting are both equally significant in games like this. Evolution is a master of show, as we all know. As one would anticipate from Crazy Time's successor, incredible graphics, a magnificent purpose-built studio, and committed presenters bring it all to life.

But there are other enhancements than the theme. The gameplay has also undergone significant adjustments, guaranteeing a whole new experience such as a brand new and immersively themed studio, 17 betting options, improved UI, and that top prize of 10000x!

Exploring Funky Time’s Bonus Games

Just like the generous array of bonus games on offer from the OG game Crazy Time, Funky Time is equally as generous and offers four different bonus features. You must wager on one or more of the Bonus Game bets in order to play a Funky Time bonus game. The mini-game begins for players who made the right wager if the wheel stops on the matching segment.

  • Bar is divided into six-wheel segments. You are brought to a hip bar where a robot works. It's your responsibility to choose one of the three multiplier-filled glasses. In order to calculate the multiplier amounts for each glass, the robot will serve drinks.

  • The relatively complicated game Stayin' Alive, which occurs twice on the wheel, was inspired by bingo. The three colored balls climb a multiplier ladder as you choose a color, which represents your team. 

  • There are three spaces for the Disco bonus game. Mr. Funky moves around on a 37-square virtual dance floor where the event is taking place. To choose which direction Mr. Funky will travel while accumulating multipliers, the presenter spins a miniature wheel. When he falls to the ground, the game is over, and the multipliers that have been gathered are totaled up and distributed among the players.

  • The same as Disco, VIP Disco offers greater incentives. It shows up in one section and acts like a jackpot round for the game.


Crunching the Numbers: Funky Time Payouts 

Only bets on numbers and letters have a fixed reward. Each bonus game has a unique payout structure in accordance with its rules. Base Game payouts range from 1:1 to 25:1, and bonus rounds can pay out up to 10,000 times the player's stake.

The RTP rates of various bets appear to be considerably more comparable than they were in Crazy Time with the theoretical Funky Time RTP ranging between 95 and 95.38%.. In either case, Bar is the most exciting bonus game, which is crucial to keep in mind for a game that is entirely focused on its extra round.


Crazy Time Vs. Funky Time: Does the Sequel Beat the Original?

Funky Time Live was referred to as the fourth generation of live game programs by Evolution. A bigger money wheel and more betting options make the change clear right away. Compared to Crazy Time's eight betting positions, Funky Time Live has 17, which is something a number of players may take into consideration. There are more wagers in Funky Time Live, so you must spread your bets out to cover as many as you can. You will admire what Funky Time Live has to offer if you like Crazy Time. Nevertheless, the two live casino games are sufficiently different from one another that you are not needed to choose.

Lord Ping’s Thoughts

Funky Time feels very much like a natural progression from the Crazy Time live game, which, while still fantastic, is getting on in years. Funky Time is certainly a very entertaining game and is sure to engage most types of players. Why not try it for yourself?

Lord Ping Recommendations

If you’ve already tried Funky Time, and love what this game offers, then there are plenty of other great games to play for that same gameshow feeling. Of course, you could wind back the clock and play the original Crazy Time live game, but why not also try smash-hit titles such as Monopoly Big Baller, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, and Mega Wheel?

Play Funky Time on Lord Ping

If you want to head straight on down to Funky Town, then why not play the Funky Time right here at Lord Ping today? Always gamble responsibly.



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