Lord Ping’s Thoughts on Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette Review

Ever wondered what the poshest Penguin in town thinks of top casino games? Wonder no longer as Lord Ping shares his thoughts on the popular Evolution Gaming title, Lightning Roulette. It’s worth noting that this isn’t a guide with Lightning Roulette tips, we’ve already talked about this at the following link. Instead, we’re going to be putting this game under the microscope and give you our thoughts in a comprehensive Lightning Roulette review. 

Lightning Roulette Live Game Details

Game Name:Lightning RouletteBet Range: £0.20 - £1,000
Game Provider:Evolution GamingSide Bets:Yes
Live Dealer:YesSupported Platforms:Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC
RTP:97.30%Supported OS:Android, Apple, Windows


Examining Lightning Roulette Gameplay

Evolution Gaming, a leading developer of live casino games, launched Lightning Roulette. This version of the well-liked live casino online roulette game combines French Roulette with certain elements from game shows and slots. Lightning Roulette is played extremely quickly and can provide players with multipliers of up to 500 times their initial wager.

Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay experience of Lightning Roulette. As you may have guessed by the snappy title, this game of roulette operates far more quickly than your standard table game, so it goes without saying that if you’re brand new to roulette, you might want to get up to speed before trying out this title. 

The action is presented in a studio and the dealer has been transformed into an affable host who skillfully immerses you into the world that Evolution Gaming has created. Lightning Roulette is streamed straight to players in HD but gamers do have the option of reducing the stream quality if the demand on their WiFi is too high.

The Nitty Gritty: Lightning Roulette Features


Lightning Roulette has a variety of exciting features which helps the game to stand out in a pretty crowded market. We’ve already talked about the excellent dealer and flashy set, but there are also some gameplay features to consider which certainly add a little spice to the equation and differ from the typical roulette format.

The stand-out feature of Lightning Roulette is its ‘Lucky Number’ feature.1-5 lucky numbers will be selected for each spin with payouts ranging from 50-500x of the players' wager. This adds an extra element to the gameplay experience, keeping play engaging and exciting for multiple rounds. 

As the rounds of Lightning Roulette move pretty quickly, a stream-lined interface was a must when the game was in development. Because of this, Lightning Roulette features an innovative Rebet and Spin feature which allows players to place the same wager automatically. Similarly, players can click the 2x double and spin option which will double the value of their original wager. Having options like this is great because players don’t have to go through the monotonous motion of entering their betting details and is a lot more convenient for players gaming on the go via their mobile phones. 

The Most Important Bit: Lightning Roulette Payouts


Roulette is known for being one of the table games with a more respectable return to player, and with a theoretical RTP of 97.3%, Lightning Roulette is no exception. When it comes to payouts, players can win up to 500x their wager thanks to the Lucky Number feature. If a person makes a straight bet on one of the lucky numbers and the ball lands on that number then participants receive the lucky number payment rate rather than the normal payout. The payout chances for non multiplied straight bets are 30-1, while the payout odds for lucky numbers range from 50-1 to 500-1.

Why Players Love Lightning Roulette


Lightning Roulette is positioned high on Lord Ping’s Top Live Games of 2022 for many reasons. Firstly, the game is straightforward, meaning if you’ve spun a roulette wheel before you’ll be pretty confident with what to do. The additional features that Lightning Roulette includes only serve to enhance the gameplay and do not detract from the original fun of roulette. The high-quality presentation of this game is also another huge positive as it allows players to become immersed in as close a way as possible to being in a real-world casino. There’s also the full range of bets seen in French and European Roulette, meaning that no corners have been cut as far as gameplay is concerned. 

Lord Ping’s Thoughts on Lightning Roulette

As far as the Lord Penguin himself is concerned, Lightning Roulette is always welcome to be played in his casino. The attention to detail seen in this game is fantastic, and developer Evolution has really thought about what players want from the live roulette experience while still adding their own touch of something new. 

Lord Ping Recommendations

If you like Lightning Roulette, and are looking to try something new, Lord Ping highly recommends other titles from Evolution Gaming such as; XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Speed Roulette, Auto Roulette, and Instant Roulette.

Play Lightning Roulette on Lord Ping

Lightning Roulette is a staple game in our live games category. To give this game a try for yourself, or plenty of other top live casino games, sign up and play today at Lord Ping



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