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Lord Ping’s Infinite Blackjack Review

Evolution's version of single-draw Live Blackjack is titled Infinite Blackjack. In essence, every blackjack player has the same hand, but they all play independently. This has a variety of benefits, including the fact that the Endless Blackjack game can accommodate an infinite number of players. While exciting, this isn't really a novel concept. Similar titles have already been produced by other developers. However, Infinite Blackjack stands out with a few unique rules, as we’ll explore in our Infinite Blackjack review.

Infinite Blackjack Game Details

Game Name:Infinite BlackjackBet Range: £1.00 - £2,500
Game Provider:Evolution GamingSide Bets:Yes
Live Dealer:YesSupported Platforms:Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC
RTP:94.6%Supported OS: Android, Apple, Windows


Infinite Blackjack Gameplay: What to Expect

Infinite Blackjack has its own lobby all to itself. The Infinite Blackjack tables take place in a peaceful environment and even have a distinct backdrop with the Infinite Blackjack logo, unlike some of the other Evolution live dealer games that are played in a vast studio with other games and tables visible in the background.

You will even recognise the dealers if you have previously played Evolution live dealer blackjack because they are frequently the same. The dealers in Infinite Blackjack are cool, quiet, and restrained, in contrast to Party Blackjack or any of the more boisterous games. They conduct themselves professionally, but they are also happy to answer any queries you may have. 

If you want to hear the dealer's voice and the cards being shuffled, you can adjust the volume in the game's controls, or you can choose to hear nothing at all. A couple of distinct camera perspectives are also present. Although you can select your favourite camera angle, the game may occasionally do so depending on the speed of your internet connection. In all, there are two separate views: one in which the dealer and playing table take up the entire screen, and the other in which the dealer and live table are split across the top of the screen from a digital table. The second of these two is utilised with weaker connections since the dealer's cards and your own will still be digitally shown even if the live stream is interrupted. This is a pretty thoughtful touch on Evolution’s part, as it means mobile players as well as PC players are well-catered to. According to your preferences, you can collapse or enlarge the chat box, which is placed to the left.

Infinite Blackjack Features: What Makes the Game Stand Out?


Finally, we've reached the section where Evolution's Endless Blackjack stands apart from the competition. There is the 6-Card Charlie rule first. The general idea is that players always succeed if they draw six cards without busting. Because a dealer blackjack is defeated by a 6 Card Charlie, the dealer will occasionally automatically continue drawing. If the player's hand totals 16 or less on a dealer blackjack, this occurs.

The game also offers 4 side bets.

  • 21+3: With this side bet, poker hands are created by combining the first two cards of a hand with the dealer's up card.

  • Any Pair: The player who forms a pair with their first two cards wins. Either a suited pair or a normal pair will get you the win.

  • Hot 3: Predicts a total of 19, 20, or 21 from the dealer's up card and the first two cards.

  • Bust It: If the dealer busts with three cards or more, you win. The payment increases as the dealer's hand grows in size.

Infinite Blackjack Payouts: What Can You Expect?


For a total of 19, a Hot 3 side bet pays 1:1; for a total of 20, it pays 2:1; for a total of 20, it pays 4:1; for a total of 20, it pays 20:1; and for three 7s, it pays 100:1. The Bust It side bet pays 1:1 if the player busts with three cards, 2:1 if they bust with four, 9:1 for five, 50:1 for six, 100:1 for seven, and up to 250:1 for eight or more. Here are some RTPs in case you were curious: 99.51 percent for the main game, 96.33 percent for the 21+3 side bet, 95.9 percent for the Pairs side bet, 94.60 percent for Hot 3 and 93.82 percent for Bust It. Infinite Blackjack’s solid return to player percentages across the board of main and side bets is definitely a draw for many players.

Lord Ping’s Final Thoughts

Infinite Blackjack is a great live dealer game choice for Blackjack fans looking to experiment with live online gaming. The variety of side bets and the 6-card Charlie rule spices up Blackjack's otherwise relatively straightforward rules and offers a scintillating additional challenge for players. As expected by games created by Evolution, the production quality for Infinite Blackjack is high and closely mimics a fusion of luxurious brick-and-mortar casinos and top TV game show.

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