Bravo Piers, Uncensored Is Brilliant!


Piers Morgan Uncensored has the potential to launch Britain into a new golden age of culture similar to the one we saw in the 1960s. I salute you, Piers Morgan.

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As Inflation Hits 9%, I Lament Glorious 1982

With inflation hitting a 40-year high, I have been left salivating at the thought of going back in time to the year 1982.

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I Was Delighted To See Our Queen At Paddington

The Queen has brought glee to all by spontaneously visiting Paddington Station to witness the progress on the brand-new Elizabeth line - named in her memory.

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How Dare Vandals Deface Thatcher Statue With Eggs!

Egging Margaret Thatcher statue and defacing her memory is a complete disgrace - one that should be met with a severe reprimand.

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Louis Saha Exclusive

I had the pleasure of spending some time with former Premier League star Louis Saha where we chatted about the Premier League campaign ahead of the final weekend of matches.

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I Agree With Maclean’s Comments On The Cost Of Living Crisis

The cost-of-living crisis will continue to rage on, however taking a more pragmatic and logical approach will help us overcome this tough period.

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Talk About A Tough Day In The Office

It really was a flight to remember for Darren Harrison as he got an intensive course on piloting in the most serious of circumstances.

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Lord Ping Daily Opinions - Episode 2

Lord Ping gives his opinions on Johnny Depp, the soaring price of fuel and Boris Johnson's position following Partygate.

Lord Ping Daily Opinions - Episode 7

In Lord Ping's Daily Opinions brought to you by Mike Graham, we have a pervy MP, a princess that has been cancelled and a Hollywood star that has been to a war zone!

Lord Ping Opinions Episode 6

In my Daily Opinions for today with Mike Graham we have a prince, a bunch of maniacs and a mystery man in the House of Commons!



Great Britain Needs Saving From “Culture Wars”

Never before has our great nation been so divided. We need to stop labelling and separating people according to views.

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Mark Noble Is A Footballing Icon

Farewell Mark Noble, you have been a great credit to West Ham and football and I sincerely hope to see you in the Hammers technical area at some point in the near future.

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