Is Monopoly Live Fair? Lord Ping Debunks

Monopoly Live Myth

Maybe it's our experiences with fairgrounds as kids, but when we see a live dealer in a game, one can wonder if there’s a chance of the game being rigged; something about the human element gives us these suspicions. In today’s article, we’re taking a closer look at this issue particularly as it pertains to Monopoly Live, and answering whether Monopoly Live is a scam and rigged game. Keep on reading to find out more.

What is Monopoly Live?

The wildly popular MONOPOLY board game now has a special live online version called MONOPOLY Live. This is a Live game show, meaning that players interact with a real dealer in a studio.

The primary game's goal is straightforward:

Players guess which segment the enormous, vertically placed wheel will stop at after being spun by a live game presenter, while a virtual MR. MONOPOLY waits nearby, ready to take over. The wheel includes "CHANCE" segments for quick cash wins and multipliers, "2 ROLLS" and "4 ROLLS" segments, as well as the option to wager on the wheel stopping on a specific number. These last sections launch a fascinating 3D Bonus game with augmented reality that is centered on the exploits of MR. MONOPOLY.

Is Monopoly Live Rigged?

Monopoly Live: Is it rigged? The quick response is no, but let’s explore why some players may think this. Due to what appears to be the live game hosts' only obligation to ensure the wheel completes one full turn, many have questioned if the game is rigged. The issue with this, therefore, is that game hosts who utilise especially slow spins may quickly predict where the wheel will stop. In this manner, it has been argued that a host may simply avoid the wheel landing on, say, the "4 rolls" part. But is this really the case? Certainly not.

Looking at the statistics reveals that neither a particular dealer spin nor a motorized wheel actually governs this game. Contrary to popular belief, Monopoly Live is not rigged, as evidenced by the data below, which is provided by our real-time tracking system for the game. A sample of the data that was gathered over a 30-day period is shown below. 

  • The number 1 section landed 40.72% of the time.

  • The number 2 section landed 28.25% of the time.

  • The number 5 section landed 12.95% of the time.

  • The number 10 section landed 7.37% of the time.

  • The chance section landed 3.65% of the time.

  • The 2 rolls section landed 5.34% of the time

  • The 4 rolls section landed 1.73% of the time 

The game is obviously not rigged because all these percentages are within striking distance of the anticipated frequency with which a certain region may be predicted to be landed on. If players have any doubts, the UK Gambling Commission's fairness determination of this game should reassure them. As a result, they need not worry that they are playing in an unfair environment.

Play Responsibly

As it’s clear that Monopoly Live isn’t rigged, it means that this game is a game of chance, meaning that there is no surefire way or strategy to achieve wins. This means that Monopoly Live should only be played for fun and not as a money-making opportunity. This is all part of being a responsible gambler and is vital to stay safe and financially secure when gaming online. To find out more about responsible gambling, visit our responsible gaming page for everything you need to know.

Play Monopoly Live at Lord Ping

Monopoly Live is an exciting and dynamic live gameshow that reinvents the classic board into a brand-new spectacle. If you’d like to give Monopoly Live a try, then sign up and play today at Lord Ping.



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