History of Roulette and Where It is Now


Gambling has a fascinating history, and probably none more so than the history of Roulette. Knowing the rich history of your chosen game can really enhance your gaming experience, as well as give you a few smart facts or two to impress your fellow gamers. Join us as we journey through the history of roulette, from the early days in Europe to the online roulette games we know and love today. 

Roulette Enters the European Stage

The history of the game known as "roulette" is obscure. The most widely recognised theory claims that French math genius and accomplished nerd Blaise Pascal invented the first version of the game somewhere in the 17th century while he was hard at work trying to build the perpetual motion machine. However, evidence suggests that many ancient cultures, including the ancient Chinese, Romans, and Greeks, enjoyed playing games quite similar to roulette.

Roulette as we know it, however, first appeared, as mentioned, in France, thanks to Blaise Pascal. However, until the mid-1800s, roulette was mainly a fun novelty that helped the rich courtiers of Europe pass the time. 

It is reasonable to say that if it weren't for two astute Frenchmen by the names of Francois and Louis Blanc, casino games in general probably wouldn't be as well-liked as they are today. It was they who eliminated the double zero pocket and essentially created what is currently known as European Roulette.

In 1842, Francois and Louis accomplished their heroic deed. However, gambling was still prohibited in France at the time, so the two had to find another location to advertise their game. They relocated to Hamburg, Germany, where they shared their revolutionary roulette game with the local casino industry. The feedback was more than positive, as you might anticipate, and the game's popularity exploded.

Several years later, at the request of Prince Charles of Monaco III, Francois and Louis reintroduced roulette back to France. The famed single zero roulette game served as the centrepiece of what would become considered the first modern casino ever built. They immediately began work on building the opulent Monte Carlo Casino Resort.

Roulette Crosses the Atlantic

European immigrants who arrived in Louisiana in the early 19th century brought roulette with them. However, the situation was not as straightforward as it was in Europe. The 5.26% house edge was not acceptable to casino owners, therefore they made the decision to raise it. As a result, players became irritated by the meagre payouts and quickly lost interest in the game.

Unexpectedly, the American casino industry rejected single-zero roulette virtually unanimously, modifying these traditional roulette regulations. Later, the double-zero variation—now known as American Roulette—became the standard game format.

Roulette Today

Today, roulette is enjoyed across the globe and makes up a staple part of both brick and mortar casinos and online casinos too. Anyone can now play their favourite games in the convenience of their own homes thanks to the recent growth of online casinos. Now, regardless of where you live, you can play European, American, and all other variations of roulette. Additionally, there are significant benefits to playing the game online as opposed to at a physical casino.

First of all, you won't be distracted by the many sounds made at a real casino and can focus and follow your betting plan. Additionally, because online games are totally automated, you don't need to continually watch the dealer or the chip sweeping. Of course, unless you're playing online roulette with a live dealer.

After being eclipsed for a while by other game types like slots and Slingo, roulette casino games are now slowly but steadily making a comeback. Players can select exactly the kind of game they want to play at online casinos because of their convenience, and they don't even have to leave their homes to place a wager on a few spins.

Even though there are no tested ways to win at roulette and it is purely a game of chance, there is a certain allure to watching the wheel spin that not many other casino games can match.

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