Live Casino Strategy Guide: How to Bet in Crazy Time

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Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games ever, combining the best bits of live roulette games with a wheel of fortune-style game to create an exciting gaming experience.

Although Crazy Time is a simple game to play, there are a few different betting options available. In this article we’ll explain more about the various bets that can be placed, giving you all the information you need to enjoy playing this unique live casino game.


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What Is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is an exciting live casino game show where you’ll bet on which segment of a giant wheel-of-fortune-style wheel that the marker will land on at the end of a spin. 

A live host will spin the wheel and all the action will be streamed to your desktop or mobile device in high quality. You can choose to bet on numbers (which can multiply your bet) or on bonus segments, which can activate one of four bonus rounds.

Think of it as a cross between live roulette games, wheel of fortune, slots and TV game shows. You can even interact with the host and your fellow players using the chat function on screen, which adds a fun new dimension to the gaming experience.

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Crazy Time RTP 

Crazy Time has an RTP of 96.08%. In case you’re not familiar with RTP, it stands for Return to Player, and it is expressed as a percentage that represents the amount of money a game will statistically pay out over a long period of time.

In this case, for every £100 staked on the game, it will pay out £96.08 on average (over a large number of bets). 

Crazy Time Odds

In Crazy Time you can choose which segments you want to bet on, and different segments have different odds of landing depending on how frequently they appear on the wheel. For example, the number 1 occurs 21 times on the wheel - the most of any value on the wheel. Betting on 1 gives a payout of 1:1.

By contrast, betting on 10 pays out 10:1 and only occurs four times on the reel. Your chance of landing a 10 is smaller than your chance of landing a 1, but the payout is higher.

The Number Segments

The Crazy Time wheel is made up of number segments and bonus segments. As we mentioned above, each type of segment has a different probability of landing based on how many times it occurs on the wheel.

Check out the image below to see the odds of landing on each number segment.

crazy time game number segments

Crazy Time Bonus Sections

The Crazy Time game features four fun bonus games, which are activated if you place a bet on a bonus segment and the marker lands on it. The bonus rounds give you a chance to multiply your wins, and the different bonuses have different odds of landing that relate to how many times their segments appear on the wheel. The bonus games are Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

crazy time game bonus sections

How to Bet on Crazy Time

Once you’ve created your Lord Ping account and deposited some funds, it’s time to play Crazy Time. Select the game from our live games catalogue, then place your bet on any of the squares below the wheel (which represent the values on the wheel).

Decide on how much you want to bet, and on which segment (or segments). You can bet on up to eight squares on a single spin, and the wheel is made up of numbers and bonuses.

live host in crazy time

Play Crazy Time Live at Lord Ping

Play Crazy Time here at Lord Ping, home to all the best slots and live casino games. Why not try some of our other popular live casino games too? From Crazy Coin Flip to Adventures Beyond Wonderland, Monopoly Live and more, there’s always something new to try at Lord Ping. Sign up today and join the fun!


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