Live Casino Strategy Guide: How to Play Deal or No Deal Live

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Evolution Gaming is the developer of the well-liked live casino game show called "Deal or No Deal Live." This online version of the popular TV show is a live 24-hour game show. In addition to the standard gameplay which takes after the US game show instead of the UK version, prize multipliers add to the intrigue. In fact, players can win up to 500 times their wager, with random number generator technology used to decide the results.

In today’s live casino strategy guide, Lord Ping will teach you everything you need to know about playing this exciting live casino version of one of TV’s most beloved game shows. Keep on reading to learn more.


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What is Deal or No Deal Live?

Popular live casino game developer Evolution Live launched the licenced live casino game Deal or No Deal Live. Fans of the original UK version of Deal or No Deal may be a little perplexed by the way the game is presented, as it is modelled after the US version of the famed TV game show, which uses briefcases in place of the recognisable red boxes. But the objective of the game is still the same: you have to beat the banker by avoiding the high-value boxes, revealing the low-value ones, selling your box for the best price, or sticking with it to reveal a value more than the bankers’ offers.

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How to Play Deal or No Deal Live

The Deal or No Deal Live game is played over various stages which will repeat when each round concludes. The three stages of play are explained in more detail below:

How to Qualify

In order to have a shot at beating the banker, players first need to qualify. This is done by spinning a bank vault wheel. Players are given an allotted time and in order to qualify players need to line up the gold pieces found above the vault. Players will also need to choose the stake and level of difficulty that they wish to play with. If you want to increase the odds of qualifying you can increase your wager (by between 3-9x) to start the qualification stage with one or two gold pieces already aligned. to purchase one or two rings that are already aligned with the wheel. Furthermore, with every spin, the amount of money in the most valuable bag rises by 75–500 times your bet.

Deal or No Deal Top-Up Wheel

Of course, some players might qualify far more quickly than others, which means there could be some unwanted downtime for qualified players. Evolution Gaming has countered this possibility by offering players an optional top-up wheel to spin until the allotted qualification time has passed. Players can increase the potential prize money by adding 5x–50x their wager to their prize pool. To take part select the top-up amount prior to spinning the wheel. The multipliers rise in proportion to the staked amount.

Deal or No Deal Rounds

If you have qualified, when the qualification round ends it is your turn to enter the Deal or No Deal Live game show. This area displays sixteen sealed briefcases with a range of contents (15 on display, and one reserved for the player). The numbers inside the briefcases, which range from 1 to 16, indicate a prize value. When two briefcases are opened, the banker will phone and make an offer. This is the amount of money you can swap the contents of your briefcase for. If you don't select an option 'Deal' or "No Deal" before the time runs out, then you will automatically decline the offer. There are several rounds featured during gameplay, which are covered in more depth below:

  • First Round: The banker's offer to each player is then displayed on the screen. In the event that you choose to accept the offer, the winning amount will be shown clearly.
  • Second Round: There will be four additional briefcases randomly unsealed if you decline the offer. Subsequently, the banker will make you another offer, which you might accept or decline.
  • Third Round: Four further briefcases chosen at random are opened by the assistant. The banker will then present one final "Deal or No Deal" proposal.
  • Fourth Round: when you reach the fourth round, three more briefcases have been opened. After this, there will be nothing but your briefcase and the one case left in play.
  • Final Round: The banker will then make one final offer after that. Here, you have three options: Deal, No Deal, and Switch. You have to make a decision before any briefcases are opened. Will you accept the dealer's offer, replace your case with the other one that's in play, or continue with the briefcase you’ve had all along?  

Your briefcase will be opened to show the value indicated inside once you've made your final decision. Depending on the choices you made, the banker may have won by purchasing your box for less than its value, or you may have beaten the banker by selling your box for more than it was worth. After everything resolves, and any awards are given out, gameplay will resume by returning to the qualification round.

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The Rules of Deal or No Deal Live

The rules of Deal or No Deal Live are incredibly simple. Meet the requirements needed to gain entry to the main game round, and decide whether to accept or decline the deal made by the banker or not. The amount you win is determined by the offer you take or the final value revealed within your box. 

Some important points to remember regarding the rules of play:

  • The games’ presentation style follows the US variant and not the UK show.
  • The game has two rounds. One RNG-based qualifier round (plus the optional prize top-up round), and the main game round where the host asks players the defining question of the game: “Deal or No Deal?”
  • Deal or No Deal Live is a live game based on raw intuition and luck offering a broad range of prizes.
  • The live casino game offers an RTP of 95.42%. The jackpot is £500,000.
  • The minimum bet is£0.10 per qualifying spin, while the maximum stakes can go up to £100.
  • The game is available streamed in HD and is optimised for play on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • The game is hosted in English, but players can configure the UI to read multiple languages.
  • Malfunction voids all plays and pays.

Play Deal or No Deal Live on Lord Ping

If you think you have what it takes to beat the banker, then sign up and play Deal or No Deal Live today at Lord Ping. You’ll find this smash hit game show amongst our large selection of live casino games, so be sure to take a look round, try out some titles, and be sure to always gamble responsibly.



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Live Casino Strategy Guide: How to Play Deal or No Deal Live

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