Lord Ping's Tips on Playing Craps Live Game

Tips on Playing Live Dealer Craps


Dice games seem to be all the rage in 2023, and one of the best-loved examples of this is Craps Live from developer Evolution Live. Evolution’s Craps Live takes place in a stunning, moody speakeasy which harkens back to the US history of the game during the prohibition era. There are numerous ways to wager in Craps Live, a lively and quick-paced live game. The object of the game is to select the appropriate wager or combination of wagers in order to anticipate the result of the roll of two dice. In today’s article, we’ll be sharing our top tips on how to play Craps Live which you can find under the live casino games category of our games lobby. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Understand How Craps Live Game Works

It goes without saying that the top tip we can give for playing Craps Live is to be able to answer the question ‘How Does Craps Live Work?’. Depending on the live dealer craps variation you are playing, there may be differences in some of the regulations. Understanding the regulations can make all the difference and turn a defeat into a victory. Predicting the result of the two dice rolls is the object of the game. All the necessary tools have been integrated into the game to facilitate easier gameplay and comprehension. In addition to seeing how players are betting on the same number, you are continuously updated with your possible prizes for the subsequent roll of the dice. Evolution Gaming has made this game incredibly accessible for players with options like tutorial mode and an easy mode too. Of course, should you have any spur-of-the-moment questions, the Craps Live expert dealer will be able to help you. 

Set Budget Limits

This is an important tip to follow no matter what online casino game you are playing. Craps is a crowd game with lots of excitement and it can be easy to be caught up in the action and spend more than you’ve intended to unless you set firm budget limits for your gaming session. When coming up with your budget, ensure that its total value is no more than you’d be willing to lose (as Craps is a complete game of chance) and be sure to stick to it no matter what. 

Make Use of Facilities Online

As mentioned, Evolution has made the Craps Live game extremely accessible to players no matter their previous Craps experience. For example, playing Craps Live is made easier and more exciting with the addition of the My Numbers feature. Every number indicates a potential total determined by rolling the dice. It displays the required number of wins along with potential prizes.

There’s also the Easy Mode user interface, which allows you to play the game with fewer bet options, playing Craps might be easier for beginners. The user interface shifts with a single button click, presenting you with a smaller betting grid that only offers the most straightforward bet positions. Players can also get all the assistance they need to learn how to play Craps and what the various bets do in the interactive built-in Craps tutorial mode.

Start with Low Bets

Craps is one of those games where there are lots of different bets that you can make, but just like other games such as roulette, there are low-bet, high-odds options which are easy to follow and far more likely to show up. You won’t win any large wagers from this kind of bet, but you are more likely to have placed a winning wager, meaning you won’t be throwing money at slim-odds bets while you’re still learning the ropes. Even if you want to experiment with the type of wager you make as you begin to explore Craps gameplay further, keep your bets low, not only will it make your budget stretch that little bit further, but it will also ensure the amount you end up losing is smaller too. 

Choose a Craps Game that Matches your Play Style

Live Dealer Craps is still a very much up-and-coming slot genre, so you won’t find a massive range of choices as of yet. However, as most players will be looking to play craps in their purest form, Craps Live from Evolution covers all bases. There’s the Craps gameplay seasoned players will know and love, broad betting options for more experienced betters, and the aforementioned easy mode and tutorial options for those completely new to the game. Best of all, all the events of Craps Live can be accessed on all devices in HD quality.

Don’t Rely on Betting Strategies

While many ‘how-to-play’ Craps guides will emphasise ‘sure-fire’ or ‘pro’ strategies, these are all hearsay. Craps is a game of complete chance just like any other casino game. While there are statistical odds which can be applied to gameplay, nothing is certain and therefore no strategy can promise guaranteed results. Avoiding this common newbie pitfall will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Enjoy the Game

While current live casino trends seem to be heralding the upcoming popularity of dice games such as Craps, you don’t have to play them if they just aren’t the right game for you. If you’re a die-hard roulette fan, then you should absolutely stick to what you love. That said, if you are enjoying the fun of playing live dealer craps, but find yourself getting a little frustrated with a streak of losses, it's more than ok and advisable to take a step back. After all, casino games are meant to be played for fun, so when the fun stops, stop.

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