Three Card Poker Tips for Beginners

Beginners Three Card Poker Tips

Poker is one of the most iconic card games in the world, but it can be a little intimidating and hard to know where to begin. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at three-card poker, and exploring some three-card poker tips that can help you to get into the swing of things.

Know the Basics

This almost goes without saying, especially when your hard-earned cash is involved. Not knowing what you’re doing can lead to schoolboy errors which can needlessly cost you money. To get up to speed you could read a handy review like this or try out a free play version of the game. For now though, here’s a basic summary of what the game of three-card poker is:

In the poker variation known as "three-card poker," you have fewer cards in your hand. Players only have three cards instead of the usual five, as the name would imply. The absence of playing against other players is the other significant shift. Instead, you deal with the dealer alone. The player with the strongest poker hand takes home the prize.

Don’t Rely on Risky Betting Systems

Three Card Poker is incredibly straightforward. All you have to keep in mind is which hands you ought to and ought not to play. In the event that you are given a hand that includes Q 6 4 (a Queen, a Six, and a Four) or better, you should place the "Play" bet and carry on with your hand. You should throw away any combination that is worse than this right away and wait for the next hand because the probability of winning from this combination is pretty low. 

Outside of this very basic strategy you should avoid any betting system or strategy that is over complex, offers guaranteed results, or requires you to risk large sums of money. At the end of the day, like all casino games, poker is a game of chance and your odds of winning are never, and can never be, certain.

Look For Licensed Online Casinos

The internet is now flooded with online casinos, with more and more start-ups appearing each day. While this is a positive sign as it shows the online casino market is booming, it also leaves room for scam sites to fleece customers of their cash. Put simply, you don’t want to deposit money anywhere that can’t be trusted. One of the best ways to avoid dodgy sites is to check for licensing. In order to be declared legit, a casino has to achieve a license from a recognized authority. That authority will check that the site is operating fairly and in line with current laws and legislation. In the UK the most common licensing party is the UK Gambling Commission, which is who Lord Ping is regulated by.

Set a Betting Limit

Betting limits are a vital part of safe gambling practices. When setting a limit it's important to be reasonable and set limits that you could comfortably afford to lose (in the worst-case scenario). Poker and all other casino games should be played for fun and not as a money-making venture, so go into playing the game with this mindset and set your betting limit accordingly. 

Never Chase Your Losses

It can be really frustrating to be on a losing streak and can be pretty disheartening if you’re a beginner at the game. The temptation to play just one more hand in the hope of a redeeming win can be very tempting, but it’s important to never fall down this rabbit hole. If you find yourself in a spiral of losses and note your mood starts to change, then stop playing right there and then. Frustration will cloud your judgment and lead you to take unnecessary risks so it’s vital you distance yourself from the game before this takes hold. Secondly, if you’ve used up your budget and have ended with a few losses, don’t push your luck, your betting limit needs to be stuck to, or there’s no point in having one in the first place.

Play Three Card Poker at Lord Ping

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