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Playtech's Top Live Games

While the live games sector has been dominated by powerhouses such as Evolution Live in past years, other established developers are now rapidly catching up. One such developer is Playtech. Already a well-loved slots developer, Playtech has now created quite a name for themselves within the live gaming sector. Join us in today’s article as we explore the top live games created by Playtech.


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Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live By PlayTech

Playtech created the intriguing casino game Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live. Based on an existing Playtech slot, the features are reconfigured in the live version as segments on a wheel of fortune. Players embark on an amazing trip through the fantastical Wonderland, complete with colourful people, enchanted objects, and fun gameplay. Playtech's Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live offers an immersive and engrossing experience by fusing the greatest components of traditional casino games with the whimsical concept of Lewis Carroll's timeless tale. Wagers on this game range from £1 to £500.


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Roulette

Who Wants Like to Be a Millionaire Roulette is a live dealer roulette game called Roulette by Playtech was released in 2021. With a £1 minimum and £5,000 maximum stake, it claims an RTP of 97.29%. The game, which is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, has the most recent version of roulette with multipliers from Playtech.

The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette game has an intriguing notion right away. A time-tested casino game is combined with branded game show content to provide intriguing features like multipliers that are sure to win over fans of roulette.


Buffalo Blitz Live By PlayTech

Playtech has introduced new goods for 2020 in an effort to surpass the competition, and Live Slots has undoubtedly grabbed more attention than you can count. The company chose one of its most well-liked games, the Buffalo Blitz slot, for this ambitious endeavour. The concept combines live casino games and slots in an industry-first. The game has long been a favourite of Playtech, and now it has undergone a makeover that gives the screen a game show vibe.

The Buffalo Blitz Live Slots game takes place in a genuine studio with a live host who offers commentary as the game progresses and launches bonus rounds. The game is designed to appeal to players who like slots and live dealer games. This live slot game caters to wagers between £1 and £5000.


Deal or no Deal The Big Draw By PlayTech

Released in 2020, Deal or No Deal The Big Draw by Playtech is a live casino game that was influenced by the American Deal or No Deal programme.  The end result is an intriguing fusion of concepts that are wholly original and something like online keno. The game has the exact same appearance as the TV show, down to the presenter, a live dealer, who keeps the players engaged and the action flowing.

The format is a little different because the players cannot pick which cases to pass through. Instead, the dealer draws 20 bingo balls, and any matching-number cases are then discarded. The Banker will make an offer to any qualifying players who are still in the game at the end of the round. It's all about interaction and giving online gamers a game show experience, like other similar games. For instance, the Deal or No Deal casino game is presented in a significant way by the dealers. Wagers on the game range from £1 to £100.


Money Drop Live

A live dealer casino game called Money Drop by Playtech was introduced in 2021. With a minimum stake of £0.10 and a maximum wager of £500, it boasts an RTP of 96-97.2%. The game offers a unique experience based on the well-known UK TV show and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. In The Money Drop Live, you can bet on one or more of the eight places that are shown on a large money wheel. Seven of these places are associated with win multipliers ranging from x8 to x2500. You will begin the money drop mini-game if the wheel stops at one of these spots and you have put a wager on it.


Spin A Win Wild Live

Playtech Live Spin A Win had a turbulent introduction in 2018, and in February of that year, the company decided to use version two of the wheel. Playtech is making its debut in the realm of Wheel of Fortune with this. Playtech Spin A Win stands apart from games of a similar nature because it offers a variety of extra side bets that are not included in other games of this kind. A large wheel is used in the presenter-led game Playtech Live Spin A Win. Players wager on the number they believe the wheel will stop at after the presenter spins it.


The Greatest Cards Show Live

A money wheel and other bonus mini-games are used in the live casino entertainment game called The Greatest Cards Show. It will be released by Playtech in 2022 and will be shown in a vibrant studio designed to resemble a roving funfair.

The RTP for The Greatest Cards Show is 96.67%, while the minimum and maximum bets are £1 and £100, respectively. Both desktop and smartphone versions of the game are accessible. The Greatest Cards Show, oddly enough, is not a card game. In actuality, hardly any playing cards are used. Instead, the fate of the primary wager is decided by a huge Wheel of Fortune-style wheel. The fact that this wheel is horizontal like a roulette wheel makes it special.


Jumanji The Bonus Level Live

A live casino entertainment game called Jumanji: The Bonus Level is based on the well-known movie series Jumanji. The game, which Playtech released in 2023, allows players to wager on the outcomes of two spinning wheels and six bonus rounds.

With a minimum bet of £0.1 and a maximum wager of £100, it boasts an RTP of 97.63%. Both desktop and smartphone versions of the game are accessible. Jumanji The Bonus Level keeps players glued to their screens with the help of two huge wheels spun by actual presenters and no less than six potential bonus rounds. Naturally, the possibility of enormous winnings and a high RTP rate are other alluring elements. You embark on a thrilling trip alongside four movie characters in this intriguing premise.


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