Biden Impresses With Ireland Trip


President Joe Biden can add impressing me to his list of achievements as the US President recently showcased a diplomatic tour-de-force in Ireland to mark a quarter-century of the Good Friday Agreement. 

Biden, a veteran of US politics, met with political leaders and King Charles III, however the President politely declined an invitation to the coronation, instead choosing to maintain the tradition of the President not attending.


Admiration For Biden’s Irish Affection

I may not have an opinion on US politics, but I admire Joe Biden’s affection for Ireland and I thought that his recent visit to the country went a long way in re-affirming American and Irish relations. 

The President hailed County Mayo as ‘part of his soul’ as he visited the country recently, nodding to his roots in Ireland and commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday agreement. Biden, 80, was welcomed by throngs of greeters as he arrived in the country and the President seemed humbled by the response. 

Biden even exclaimed ‘May for Sam!’ at the end of his speech, referencing the county’s long-standing desire to win the GAA Sam Maguire cup. The reference was met with cheers by the crowd, who no-doubt loved Biden’s knowledge of Irish sports. 

The President also paid tribute to his son, Beau, who passed away in 2015.

Lifting Morale 

The cost-of-living crisis, combined with the miserable weather, has made 2023 a difficult year for the public, and it’s vital that important folks like President Biden, King Charles, and myself make appearances to keep the morale up. 

When I look at the President, I see a diplomatic skill and down-to-earth public image that Biden may well have taken from me. I know I receive a similar response when I venture out in public, though I must admit that my status did not come from holding political office. 

It’s a shame that Biden will be absent for the upcoming coronation on May 6, but his visit to Ireland more than makes up for it. As the United States moves into the 2020s, it’s vital that the country never forgets its roots. For millions of Americans, these origins lay in the Emerald Isle. 


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