Boris The “Unconquerable”


It seems that every few months, our all-conquering Conservative Party is involved in a new controversy. Whether it’s just media sensationalism or legitimate cultural flaws in our system, rarely a day goes by without our government finding itself in hot water. 

In fact, it's said that over a course of a man’s lifetime, he’ll be witness to at least two dozen government scandals, some major and some very minor, and I’m inclined to agree with this statement. 


Parish Backlash

The latest public outcry happened last week when a top Tory MP was caught watching pornographic content during a meeting at the House of Commons last week. The man in question, Neil Parish, has received enormous backlash for the alleged actions. Rightly so, as I can neither explain nor condone these actions in any good conscience. 

However, incidents like this do point to one thing and one thing only - the sheer strength our Prime Minister has and how often he can dodge and weave his way out of the most negative of press - even if said events have nothing to do with him. It’s a testament to his appeal, nous, and mastery of media relations and one of the main pieces of evidence that Johnson really is the leader we need at this moment in time. 

Sir Keir Starmer You Hypocrite!

Sir Keir Starmer You Hypocrite!

Boris Stands Tall

I can’t help but look at Johnson in awe after all he’s been through. Yes, his reign has had some blemishes, but like a posh cockroach, Boris seems to survive each scandal, inquiry, and investigation. I’m certain that there is nothing on this Earth that can stop him from ruling our country. He’s as enduring as the monolithic structures of Stonehenge, as resistant to tumultuous times as the HMS Victory, and as comforting as the sight of Big Ben after a long trip abroad. 

If that’s not the sign of a great leader, then I really don’t know what is. Boris has stood tall above scandal after scandal, outrage after outrage, and disaster after disaster. He’s been ever present on our screens since his reign began in the summer of 2019. He was telling us to stay home and save lives back in 2020, he was the face of our vaccination program in 2021, and he was defending his honour after the ‘Partygate’ story ruled the headlines earlier in 2022. 

To put it simply, Boris may be the most battle-hardened Prime Minister we’ve seen for several generations. I, for one, have full faith in him as he steers this wonderful nation through Brexit growing pains and the complicated geo-political matters that play such a prominent role in the collective consciousness. 

The Sue Gray Report Showcases British Transparency

The Sue Gray Report Showcases British Transparency

Our Nation’s Great Hope

Britain is facing a lot of problems. The cost-of-living crisis, post-Covid economic damage, and now, the poor behaviour of some (but certainly not all) government officials is a mess too great for many leaders to extinguish. Surely, then, the experienced and enduring Boris Johnson is our nation’s great hope. Much like our country, Boris has risen from the ashes time after time and has never let circumstances get the better of him. I’m sure he’ll feel the tremors from the latest scandal, but it is highly unlikely to topple him. 

So, Britain, let’s be thankful. We have an unconquerable leader at the helm, and we’re also lucky enough to still enjoy the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. When we put things into this perspective, then life in Britain doesn’t seem all that bad, does it?

Whilst I condemn the Neil Parish scandal (if it’s proven to be true), I have total faith that our government, and our Prime Minister, will hold strong against the incoming typhoon of media scrutiny. 



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