Delighted Simon Jordan Is On The Mend


Shock Diagnosis

talkSPORT host Simon Jordan revealed he has been battling cancer for the last few months as he explained his absence from the show. As much as we missed Jordan, it’s clear that his health is the priority and his news reminds us that there are so many things in life more important than sport. 

Jordan, 55, is known for his usual 10am -1pm slot with Jim White on talkSPORT, developing a reputation as one of the most hard-hitting and eloquent pundits in the game. As he says many times, Jordan was the owner of Crystal Palace FC from 2000 until 2010 after initially making his money in telesales. 

Speaking on talkSPORT, Jordan stressed sharing his cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery wasn’t done to gain sympathy or attention, but instead to raise awareness and help quash the societal stigma around men asking for help. He stated: 

‘’If someone hadn't have spoken to me about being tested - I had no symptoms of prostate cancer and no reason to believe I had any particular challenges," before adding :"But someone very close to me did have challenges, so I went off and had a very simple blood test, which men of a certain age, from 30 upward, need to be looking at.’’

Immense Respect

I may not always agree with Jordan’s analysis, but I have always respected that he always gives his genuine opinion on matters without caring who he upsets. He’s a welcomed departure from the safe, on-the-fence approach of other pundits, and his absence from talkSPORT has been felt in recent weeks. With the Premier League season fast approaching, we’re all excited to have Jordan’s insights back in time. 

The former club owner was, on the day of his return, involved with another debate with promoter Eddie Hearn. The conversation lasted almost an hour and reminded us all of us of the star power Simon Jordan brings to our radios. I’m incredibly glad to hear that he’s back and that his health is on the mend. 


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