Delighted With NHS Pay Deal


The long dispute between health unions and the government has finally been settled and, at last, the NHS staff will walk away with the pay they so richly deserve. 

Strikes have battered Britain over the last year, with hundreds of thousands of staff conducting walkouts over pay increases. The issue is a complicated one, but the NHS stalemate was by far Britain’s most important.

The increasing prices of bills, food, and everything else had severely impacted the wallets of our medical staff - something that needed to be addressed regardless of one’s political persuasion.

Payrise Agreed

NHS staff will, according to the agreement, receive a 5% pay rise from April and the minimum pay will now be £11.45 an hour. This, hopefully, will help bridge the gap between workers’ pay and living costs, and our health service can get back to what it does best - looking after us in times of injury and illness. 

We cannot forget the sacrifices made by the National Health Service during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic three years ago, and I’m incredibly thankful that the long-running dispute has finally come to an end. 

The ongoing strike-action has blemished the UK’s reputation as a productive and forward-thinking global power, and it’s relieving to hear that it’ll all be in the past soon. Separate NHS branches in Wales and Scotland are also close to an agreement, and an extra £2.5 billion has been put on the proverbial table to cover the costs. 

Time To Work Togethor

This year could be a strong and productive one if we get our hands down and all work together. As much as our public sector workers deserve their fair share, we have to understand the economic situation of the country and show a bit of the spirit and unity we had in the trenches of 2020 and 2021. If we could band together then, we can band together now. 

I’m sincerely glad an agreement has been reached and I hope that the strike action that dominated 2022 becomes a thing of the past.


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