Ebanie Bridges Opinions


Speaking exclusively to Lord Ping, boxer Ebanie Bridges has said: 

  • I will fight Paige VanZant in Bare Knuckle Boxing if she beats ‘beautiful soul’ Elle Brooke 
  • People who hate on my relationship with Conor McGregor are ‘dopes’ and ‘bitter’ 
  • Katie Taylor will beat Amanada Serrano in July rematch - but Serrano fights for women’s rights and their legacy 
  • Conversations with Eddie Hearn never seem to follow through - but I won’t beg 
  • Boxing politics are ‘f****d’ and I want to get paid my worth inside the ring 

I will fight Paige VanZant in Bare Knuckle Boxing if she beats ‘beautiful soul’ Elle Brooke 

"Obviously, I want Elle to win. But, at the same time, if she loses it means I will be the first one calling out Paige. I can't say there is even a little bit of me that hopes Paige wins because I do really want Elle to win. 

"If Elle wins, it is going to be so big for her and she is such a beautiful soul. People don't understand; she works so hard, she trains once or twice a day, plus she does all of her content. 

"She does all of her TikTok stuff, she does all of her OnlyFans stuff and it is constant content creation and I have no idea how she does it. She is a grafter man, I have to respect her for doing it. I couldn't do it because I struggle to keep on top of my content, it's really not easy to combine content creation with boxing. After finishing training, you just want to go home and sleep because you're dieting - you don't want to go out and put on a face and act. Nothing but respect for that girl. 

"But, if Paige does win, I'll be getting in there to show you how it's done. I called out Ryan Garcia for the OnlyFans comment, he still hasn't hit me back up on that. I haven't heard back from him." 

I would love to move into Bare Knuckle Boxing and ‘crack someone’s skull’ 

"I would absolutely love to crack someone in their skull with my bare knuckles. Especially now that Conor has gone over there, it makes it even more appealing. 

"The only reason that I have put off bare knuckle boxing is because of the risk over reward. I have already had a broken hand and it's a lot more risk to break things in Bare Knuckle. 

"Once I have finished my boxing career, I will definitely go into Bare Knuckle boxing, then it doesn't matter if I break my hand. But now, money talks. 

"If the reward is worth it, then I would take the risk. It's something that, if they show me the money, I will do it because I would love to do it. 

"I would love to have had the Paige VanZant fight in Bare Knuckle boxing, I think that would sell. There are still a lot of big fights and things for me to do, I am still Ebanie Bridges and I still bring eyes and the crowd and people still want to talk about me. 

"I'm not too fussed about it, I need to be paid what I am worth." 

People who hate on my relationship with Conor McGregor are ‘dopes’ and ‘bitter’ 

"I don't know how people can't understand it, the people that can't understand it are dopes. They know nothing about business, they know nothing about sales and they are obviously not very successful. 

"If you are successful, you can see right through it. Or, they are just bitter and they have their own little fantasies, or they just want to tear you down to defame us. But, at the end of the day, we are the ones rolling around with our millions. What are they doing, sitting behind a keyboard? If we cared about what haters say, we wouldn't be where we are. 

"No matter how much good you do, there is always going to be hate and people are going to try and drag you down. Conor has a lot of haters, but they don't see the good that he does. 

"If you saw him giving his money away to support other fighters, or any other athlete, he wouldn't just sit there being greedy and putting all of the money into his pocket. He does it to help the next generation, as I am trying to do because I want to give back and help build other people up to be successful." 

Katie Taylor will beat Amanada Serrano in July rematch - but Serrano fights for women’s rights and their legacy 

"It is hard to predict because I thought Katie boxed really well in the first fight and it was actually relatively easy to score, apart from a couple of rounds. In Katie's last fight against Chantelle Cameron, she came out like the old Katie and did a really good job. 

"The only way that Serrano wins that fight is by knocking Katie out, and she can definitely hurt her. She won't win on points, however, and I think Katie will keep her distance and try to box her head off. 

"Serrano is very skilled on the inside in the way that she trades, with her body shots and punch selection. But if Katie can keep disciplined and keep her feet then she has the IQ and the speed to outbox her. 

"It's a shame it isn't three minute rounds, it would have been nice for Katie to show that she can actually do three minute rounds. Katie gets pretty gassed at the end of her fights, so maybe she doesn't trust herself. 

"Serrano is really fighting for women's rights and their legacy, she has already achieved so much in her career." 

Conversations with Eddie Hearn never seem to follow through - but I won’t beg 

"I've spoken to Eddie a few times, but nothing seems to follow through. I'm not going to be begging, come to me with the right fight and the right deal." 

Boxing politics are ‘f****d’ and I want to get paid my worth inside the ring 

"It is f*****, my last fight I was literally exhausted physically and emotionally from the politics behind-the-scenes. Not the training, but the f*** abouts. I'm not talking about my promoters, but even just fighters saying yes, then a week later they pull out. 

"These are number one ranked fighters in the world, mandatory ranked, just take the fight. Any of those girls who had taken the fight that night would have beaten me. So they all f***** up for not taking the opportunity. 

"They would have been getting paid good money as well to fight me. It is just very, very exhausting. In boxing, only the strong survive. Look how many boxers turn pro and don't make it, or quit after a few fights. Even the big name Americans, they only fight once a year if they are lucky. 

"The bigger you get, the harder it is to get fights because there is so much s*** going on behind the scenes that people do not see. It's not as simple as just getting a paycheck every three months. 

"And it is not as if I am asking for stupid money either, I'm asking to get paid what I am worth. It has nothing to do with the money I make from outside of boxing, my value inside the ring has nothing to do with the revenue I generate outside of the ring. I know boxing and I have a lot of business acumen." 

I’m not flashy, but business outside of boxing has left me comfortable 

"I don't flash my stuff around on social media because I don't feel the need to show off how much money I make. But, I am pretty f****** comfortable! 

"I'm hoping to buy a drift car as well soon, why not?" 

Miyo Yashida fight was on off night - I should have pulled out 

“My style was changed, I tried to box in a way that was not very comfortable to me, a way that wasn't really me, and a way that didn't get me to the world title in the first place. 

"Anyone that knows me and knows boxing knows that it wasn't me on the night, clearly I learnt that is not the way to do it. I hated losing my world title that way, although Anthony Joshua did the same thing so we all f*** up, but that is part of learning. So, I will not be doing that again. 

"I don't want to make excuses, because she was the better woman on the night. But I know that me on my best night beats her and any other bantamweight in the world. I truly believe I can be undisputed if I bring my best form as the 'Blonde Bomber.' 

"Unfortunately, I didn't show up as my best on that night and I learnt a hard lesson from it. Also, last minute opponent changes are c***s. Not her specifically, but the situation because having four is extremely hard over the course of four weeks. 

"I should have listened to the people around me who were telling me to pull out at that stage, but I was out of the ring for 12 months and I thought that if I pulled out of this I feared I might not fight for another three months." 


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