Get The Shorts Out Summer Has Arrived!


If you live in the United Kingdom, you’ll have noticed that the miserable weather that has so far defined 2023 has gone and blissful sunshine has officially been ushered in.  

Temperatures are set to soar on the May bank holiday weekend, with Brits flocking to their local beaches or seaside towns to soak up some much-needed UV from the Sun. Britain’s beautiful landscape will simmer, families will be building sandcastles, and the rest of Europe will look at us with usual envy. With the weather being the way it is, I fail to see why anyone would even be tempted to go abroad this weekend, or this summer in general.


Good Weather Will Bring Out Complainers

The good weather, like anything else that happens in this country, will inevitably be complained about by losers with too much time on their hands as they take to the streets to protest. Whilst climate change is very much a real thing and undoubtedly a cause for concern, sometimes it feels like we can’t all just enjoy a good thing. This year has seen miserable weather and, almost halfway through it, it seems that summer is finally here. 

One thing I couldn’t help but notice is that the good weather seems to have perfectly coincided with the arrival of his Majesty King Charles III’s coronation. I’m not one for superstition, but I do believe that the Royals (and the societal elite in general) possess special, almost otherworldly powers that the common sort could only read about having. 

It seems His Majesty grew tired of the rain, especially at his coronation, and ordered the big man upstairs to deliver some much-needed sunshine on these most green and pleasant lands. 

Forget About Your Problems And Enjoy

Such a turnaround in weather did not happen by accident, I’m sure. As Brits enjoy the sun, they’ll be able to forget about their problems in life and feel that they are, briefly, free from my watchful eye at work. 

Weather forecasters say that high pressures in the jet stream are to thank for the sunshine, but deep down we all know that there’s a far more magical reason. For the glorious weather, I must thank the Royal Family and I wonder if there’s anything they can’t do. 

If we’re lucky, His Majesty will be giving us snowfall on Christmas Day. It’s a big ask, but I seriously believe His Majesty is capable. 



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