Glastonbury Prices Outrageous!


Glastonbury Festival was in full-swing and its thousands of attendees were subject to songs, socialising, and sunshine over the event’s five celebratory days. 

Music fans from all over the world descended on Worthy Farm to see such acts like the Arctic Monkeys, Elton John, Foo Fighters, Lana Del Rey, and Lewis Capaldi.

The weather was fantastic and spirits seemed to be as high as ever, but one thing that didn’t sit right with me was the outrageous prices of food and drink at the event. 

Complete Rip-Off

Attendees reported spending £3 on a half-pint of Coke and up to £8 for a pint of lager at the show, whilst the food on offer was likely available for eye-watering prices.

It seems as though music festivals are becoming more and more of an activity for the middle-class, as those on a budget appear to be priced-out of both a ticket and the on-site refreshments. 

Music, particularly rock, originally became popular due to its accessible, DIY nature and anti-establishment content, Whether it was The Beatles emerging from Liverpool harbourside or Oasis’ genesis in the inner-city of Longsight, Manchester, popular music has always been created by those in-touch with the common sort. Now, it seems like the very people who helped these acts become the sensations they were are unable to see them in concert or watch them at a festival. 

Coporate Monstrosity

The degradation of Glastonbury from an honest rock’n’roll show to an overpriced, corporate monstrosity is stark. A standard ticket to the event is now in the £350 region, with at least a further £150 having to go on food and drink. 

Whilst I can easily afford this, there are millions in the country who cannot and it’s now cheaper to go on holiday for five days than attend an event held a few hours away from Yeovil. If Glastonbury Festival wishes to reconnect with its roots, then it’ll have to reduce its prices and endear itself to the masses once again. 

I hope all that attended Glastonbury had a marvelous time, as anything less would feel like a complete rip-off. 


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