Here's To You Jimmy


Farewell Jimmy

Cricket has lots of sayings and phrases that relate to time. ‘Test cricket is life in a day’, ‘father time’, ‘a good innings’ to name a few. Cricket and time go hand in hand. The sport is arguably the most gentle way to pass time, a pastime that works with the clock, rather than against it.

Fads come and go in cricket, evolutions sprout and old habits sometimes die, but one constant throughout time in England cricket’s recent history is Mr James Anderson. Affectionately known as ‘Jimmy’ by the fans, commentators and his many teammates, he has become a friend to all of us over time.

End Of An Era

Jimmy turns 42 in late July and time has finally caught up with him and he will make his final international appearance when England host West Indies at Lords to kick off England’s Test summer. 

It’s a decision that sounds like it was made for him. In the last 12 months, Jimmy has taken 25 wickets, including in an Ashes series and tour of India. There is no sign that the man has lost his touch.

But not only has his touch been the downfall of batsmen on 700 occasions - which puts him as the leading wicket-takers of fast bowlers - but he has touched several generations of cricket fan along the way.

2003 Debut

Anderson made his England Test debut in 2003 against Zimbabwe at Lord’s and has been a mainstay in the setup ever since. To put that into some context, if you were born on the day of his first Test match you’d have just finished celebrating your 21st birthday.

It’s unthinkable in elite sport that someone could go on forever, but Anderson was prepared to give it a pretty good go.

Anderson’s achievements with the ball are there for all to see and his talent is second to none, which will no doubt be celebrated over the coming weeks. But there’s something that we should also ensure is held in the highest regard as his career’s obituary is written.

Jimmy Anderson is cricket in its purest form. The bright lights of T20 unfolded during his career and his status as one of the world’s leading bowlers meant he would have had his pick of any global team that would throw unimaginable money and fam his way - likely at the cost of his prolonged Test career.

Thank You Jimmy

The glitz and glamour of the biggest white-ball cricket leagues in the world have captured the imagination of younger players and a new generation of crickets - it can be a short career, for some, so there is no shame in chasing the cash.

But for others there is the chance to play cricket for what is good about the sport, and that is Test cricket. There are not enough words or hours in the day to write about everything that is good about Test cricket - it stands alone and there is no debate as far as I’m concerned. 

Anderson’s commitment and dedication to England’s Test cricket teams throughout a generation is up there with his greatest achievement. So, Jimmy, thank you for everything. Cricket loves you more than you will know. 


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