LIV Golf Will Take Over


Rahm Defection

Greg Norman’s warning there will be ‘more apples falling from the tree’ after Jon Rahm’s defection to LIV Golf is a premonition which has turned into a real nightmare.

The lure of substantial financial gain has persuaded Rahm, a golfer who once emphasised the pursuit of a legacy over monetary allurement, to pivot towards a tour that he once deemed unappealing.

His decision, backed by a staggering monetary offer, mirrors the moves of other esteemed golfers, such as Brooks Koepka, Cam Smith, and Phil Mickelson, who have opted for the alluring embrace of LIV Golf.

Domino Effect

Norman's assertions of a domino effect, with more players considering the switch, do not bode well for the ethos and integrity of the sport. While financial security is an undeniable draw, the consequences of such moves might extend beyond individual careers.

Moreover, the motivations behind LIV Golf's funding raise ethical concerns. Saudi Arabia's involvement in financing this breakaway tour prompts reflection on the intentions behind such exorbitant spending. Critics rightfully highlight the kingdom's attempts at sportswashing.

Norman's assertion that Saudi Arabia genuinely cares about golf, while possibly valid in part, cannot erase the troubling realities associated with the source of funding and the motives behind it.

Polarising Impact

The polarising effect of LIV Golf on players is evident. While some, like Rahm, succumb to the allure of financial prosperity, others, such as Rory McIlroy, staunchly oppose the breakaway tour.

The sport of golf stands at a crossroads. The embrace of financial windfalls risks overshadowing the sport's spirit, integrity, and commitment to its core values. The allure of immediate gains may, in the long run, compromise the sanctity and essence of golf, posing an existential threat to its future.


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