Love Island All-Stars Needs Dumping


Unnecessary Spin-Odd

Love Island is back again for yet another unnecessary spin-off series, and I for one have had enough of it all. It’s not long ago that we had another batch of former islanders reunite for Love Island: The Games - some of those same people from just a couple of months ago have even returned for more this week. How dull. 

Who can forget the summer of 2018 that was dominated by Love Island, the World Cup and a heatwave? In the show's glory days, it was considered box office viewing, but I feel like it’s definitely lost its spark now.

The show is obviously going to great lengths to try and rekindle our love for Love Island in this ridiculous ‘All-Stars’ spin-off. This is the third time we’ve seen some of them on a version of the show, and I think it’s just a bit much. The format feels to me like it's been rehashed to the max, and it all seems like a complete waste of time these days; what is the actual purpose of this spin-off?

Disaster For Contestants 

It’s already ended in disaster for some of those taking part, as contestant Jake Cornish quit the villa after just a couple of days. He was coupled up with ex Liberty Poole thanks to a savage public vote and didn’t feel like he could stay any longer. But surely he knew this could’ve been likely to happen? 

Fans also saw two bombshells enter in episode one. Yep, you guessed it, another set of exes; Molly Smith and Callum Jones, who were together for three years after meeting on the show. While some of those watching at home have their suspicions that the pair are actually secretly still together and have devised a very sneaky game plan, it does feel potentially quite harsh to put them back in the villa together after sharing all that time together off-screen. 

Big Brother Treatment Failed

And ITV's decision to give it the Big Brother treatment, by putting episode one on their main channel as well as ITV2, has failed to land in the same way. I think this is because there’s nothing new about Love Island anymore - it’s all been done before. Once ‘loyal’ viewers are bored and need a break from the frolics of these same old islanders, and so do I. 

Plus, fans all know that a lot of the islanders cross in the same circles and go to all the same showbiz parties. I don’t believe any of them are really here to find love, surely if any of these ex-contestants actually wanted to date each other, they would have done so by now...


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