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If ‘obnoxious’ Jamie Carragher upsets Kate Abdo again I'll show up in a ‘physical manner’

Speaking to Lord Ping, Scott said: 

Jamie Carragher’s comments about my relationship with Kate Abdo made me want to ‘show up in a physical manner for him’

Carragher’s joke was ‘not taken lightly’ - he does not know how to read the room

Micah Richards has great energy and Thierry Henry is a legend, but Jamie’s banter can be obnoxious 

Abdo is the Michael Jordan of broadcasting and I can’t wait to marry her

Jamie Carragher’s comments about my relationship with Kate Abdo made me want to ‘show up in a physical manner for him’

“The only problem I have with things like that is if Kate feels some kind of way about it, she handled it very well. I thought Jamie was just being himself, sometimes he can have a runny mouth, sometimes he's not that good at reading the room, sometimes he's someone that can make beyond sarcastic jokes and it comes across as digging a little bit, especially if you're dealing with a woman. But I don't take it personal, it did not enter our home, it really was nothing, but in those types of situations my concern is more about Kate and her feelings, she is someone I'm very much in love with, so once I saw how she handled it, me and her discussed it, and that was that. It was not something I lost any sleep over because I noticed the way Kate handled it was very, very well, and Jamie was just being Jamie and I have no problem with him. As long as Kate is happy, I have no problem. Now if he makes Kate upset then I have a serious problem and he'll get a call from me, and if he doesn't pick up my call I'll show up in a physical manner for him.”

Jamie Carragher’s comments are purely him ‘trying to disturb a couple’s chemistry’

“It's not that she's one of the best sports broadcasters, she's one of the best human beings I've come across in this life. I'm very much in love with her and I plan on marrying her, so the thing that happened with Jamie, it's a part of the job, but it's not the first time he's said something out the way like that, but it's the first time he said something in reference to possibly disturbing a household or disturbing a couples chemistry.

“It was a very minute thing, but her being irritated by it a little bit is what really got to me. Him just saying it and being that guy who always makes those picking at you jokes wasn't really a big deal to me at all. It's only a big deal if Kate is upset. If Kate gets upset then it's a really big deal to me and I'll give him a call and if he doesn't pick up my call, then I’ll show up in a physical manner so we can talk like men, so that's not something you should continue to do. But I think Jamie apologised, not just to Kate but to the team, and one thing you can't do is knock a man who admits he was wrong. In that regard I have high respect for him.


Malik not happy with the comments directed at Kate

Carragher’s comments are sometimes obnoxious, he does not know how to read the room

“Jamie Carragher’s - what's the word - obnoxiousness and his lack of knowing how to read the room works sometimes, that time it just didn't work. But sometimes it works and it plays off into a good joke, then someone else on the panel will play off that and it rolls off good on camera. But that wasn't a good one Jamie, so you have to watch it really from now on because once Kate gets irritated, I get irritated and it makes me want to show up.” 

“Kate is surrounded by good men in her job, when it comes to banter they go back and forth a lot and the show does incredible numbers, not just because they're covering an incredible sport but because of the chemistry those guys share on the panel together. But when that chemistry is disturbed by someone taking a shot at a woman and her relationship in a joking manner, it can come across as a bit rude, it can come across as a bit obnoxious, it can definitely come across as a bit disrespectful to that lady and her partner. Jamie's joke wasn't taken lightly, Kate was irritated, so obviously that makes me irritated, but any man that apologises to whoever he crossed - you can't go too hard on him. If he didn't apologise and just said 'I said what I said so what' then that's a huge problem, I would have caught a flight because Kate is my lady and would not allow her to be disrespected.”

“Me and Micah we have spoken on facetime, on the phone, on Instagram, he's probably my favourite on the show actually. What energy that guy has. Jamie is not bad to me at all, besides the incident that happened, and Thierry is a legend. I'm always learning and what I admire about Thierry is his ability to break down plays and it reminds me of the film study I do in boxing. 

“Kate is as gifted in broadcasting as Michael Jordan is in basketball, she's worked extremely hard to get into this position, she takes nothing for granted.”


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