Man United A Symbol To Our Nation


They were, at a time, the greatest club in the world. Simultaneously feared and respected the world over, Manchester United led the footballing world by the hand and took it into the 21st century. Trophies kept landing at Old Trafford and the galvanizing leadership of Alex Ferguson inspired people the world over.  

But then something happened. Over-commercialisation, internal bureaucracy, and constant meddling caused the decline of United and they’ve become a shell of themselves in recent years - happy to get by on past glories and their commercial presence. Squads have become an uncohensive mess of headless-chicken individuals, fans are jaded, and the ongoing plight shows no sign of ending.


The Great Has Gone

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what’s happened to the United Kingdom. Brexit backpedaling, COVID embarrassments, and a shunning of British values have each contributed to this country becoming a laughing stock abroad. 

Our leaders, aside from our dear Queen, have brought shame to this wonderful nation and the UK trails behind several other European countries in terms of production, happiness, and quality of life.

Much like the Red Devils, Great Britain once led the way and the world followed our example. Rather than trophies, though, we were delivering unparalleled success in industry and profit. Rather than Sir Alex, we were led by the incomparable Winston Churchill. The entire globe looked at the United Kingdom with respect, admiration, and perhaps even a little envy and our dominant position lasted decades. 

Jack Grealish Has Turned Out To Be A £100m Flop!

Jack Grealish Has Turned Out To Be A £100m Flop!

Cost Of Living Crisis

Take a look at the embarrassing cost of living crisis unfolding. Though it’s bleak, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our problems right now and the Millennials may well be correct when they say they feel as though they’re being priced out from living their lives. 

Energy bills are, much like United players’ wages, reaching eye-watering levels. Our politicians have been happy to sell British industry off to make a tidy profit - much like how the Glazer family have lined their pockets by commodifying United’s lineage and pedigree. 

Manchester United/Great Britain Analogy

Manchester United won their first European Cup in 1968. How fitting that victory was at the time,  as the UK was dominating pop culture with its Swinging Sixties British Invasion. Our huge influence on the world was not limited to a mere football pitch, rather it was felt everywhere. Though the hippies greatly annoyed me, I have great respect for the 1960s and consider the last time this country truly led in something. 

I could make my Manchester United/Great Britain analogy all day, but you get the gist. The football club has become a symbol of what Britain is now - over-the-hill, and extremely inferior. A bloated, commercial mess propped up by poor leaders who have little to no respect for its illustrious past. 

United And Britain Need To Be Great Again

Fans at Old Trafford at least have the possibility of a savor on the horizon with their highly-rated new manager set to take charge. If only Britain's issues could be fixed so easily - but I suppose we do have Prince William’s rule to look forward to in the future. This won’t solve our issues, but it will numb my pain slightly. 

It is only fitting that Britain’s greatest football club is experiencing a massive decline too. Is it a case of life imitating the beautiful game? Perhaps. Is it mere coincidence? Again, very possible. But there’s a great irony that the fate of our most famous club is so closely linked to the state of our country. 

Great Britain needs to do a lot of work to be considered on-par with Europe’s elite countries. Much like the situation at Old Trafford, getting there is a lot easier said than done.



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