Reprobate Anti-Royal Protesters


The coronation of King Charles III, Britain’s literal crowning achievement, was almost capsized by terrifying anti-Royal protesters whose agenda is as scary as it is nonsensical. 

Dozens of anti-Royalists descended on London during the historic day, declaring that Charles was not their King and the coronation was a waste of public money and resources. 

They may have chanted other, more offensive things, but I covered my ears with my hands as I couldn’t bear to listen to the mob any longer. Fighting back angry tears, I turned my back on the mob and prayed that they would go away.



I was worried that the ungrateful protesters would disrupt the celebrations and I even spent the night before the coronation without sleep because of them. I, however, did not expect so many traitors to show up and I couldn’t have predicted their dangerous views would have gained so much traction. 

There seems to be an overlap with these reprobates and other annoying organizations such as Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. Though the latter two groups can sometimes make salient arguments, their dreadful behavior and lack of respect completely alienates both me and the public. Anti-royal, coronation-crashing protesters are no different. 

I respect their right to free speech, but I do not respect their methods. There’s a time and a place for everything, and trying to steal the King’s thunder on his sacred day is, in my opinion, akin to high treason. 

A Rare Pastime

Thankfully, the views and opinions of these protesters aren’t shared by the majority of the British public - most of whom are happy to dedicate their lives to serving their Royal overlords. Anti-monarchism remains a rare pastime in Britain, and long may it remain that way. 

History was made during the King’s coronation and whether the protesters like it or not, His Majesty enjoyed a spellbindingly successful coronation. On Britain’s most important day of the 21st century, it was the Royals who were the winners, and not the small minority of unimpressed anti-Royalists. 


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