Right Time For The Crown To End


Finally Over

The Crown has finally been put to bed with the release of the sixth instalment of the Netflix series - and I am certainly happy to see this show end. Although the series would now have a natural end point considering the death of our beloved monarch Queen Elizabeth II last year, I think it’s a good idea that they have decided to put the curtain down on it as originally planned instead of dragging the rigmarole out. 

The second half of the sixth series gave a great deal of attention to the relationship of future Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and rightly so as they represent the future of the country. 

Positive Message To End

It makes sense to finish on what is essentially the start of another great partnership as the focus shifted somewhat from the central relationship of the Queen and Prince Philip that pervaded the first few series. While I take issue with the programme in general - I think it is something of a positive that viewers will have been left with this messaging. 

I see Kate and William perfectly continuing the legacy of the late Queen and Prince Philip, and it was right to recognise the origins of their relationship in this way because of how important it is for the future of this great country. 

No Need To Delve Into Recent Events

I don’t think it would be at all appropriate to delve into more recent events and the issues Harry and Meghan have caused as it could have provided a rather sad and messy ending considering the fractured relationship between the family. 

The Netflix series has been more than liberal with the truth too, inventing conversations that took place behind the palace doors that nobody involved in the making of the show would have any idea about so goodness knows what they would have made of some of the more recent goings-on in the family. 

Plus, who knows, to dramatise these events could end up just adding fuel to the fire if Harry feels compelled to publicly launch into delivering statements and rebuttals to argue over what really happened. 

Sensible Decision

No, although I don’t agree with some of the truth-bending this show has done and the guessing-games it will have inevitably played around the events that actually transpired, I am pleased it has sensibly come to an end here. 

I would love to see the Queen remembered through documentaries and the like but I believe it’s just too soon since her passing for more recent events to be dramatised, and would be giving attention to all the wrong people. 


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