The Super Bowl Has Become A Low Point For Sport


What Has Happened!

You’d be forgiven for being a sports fan and not knowing that one of the biggest sporting events in the world is taking place this weekend. I’m talking about the Super Bowl, and the actual sporting event itself. Yes, that’s right, there is some element of sport underneath this pile of nonsense.

The match is now a side dish for a halftime show concert, adverts and sycophantic fawning over celebrities.

I’ve searched high and low for some intelligent commentary and previews for this once-great sporting spectacle but instead the analysis and build up is focused on all the wrong things. 

Do we really have it correct that Taylor Swift’s whereabouts is the most-talked about part of this match? Does anyone really care how much an advert during the coverage costs? And who even is Usher?

Halftime Show

The halftime show is something I’ve never been a huge fan of - either make it a concert or a sporting event, not both - but I can excuse the paraphernalia for genuine legends of music that fans across every corner of the world would want to watch. 

The 90s and 00s saw a star-studded cast of genuine global stars take to the stage during the break - Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Phil Collins, Aerosmith, U2, Shania, Twain, Paul McCartney, The Rollings Stone, Prince, Bruce Springsteen - how good is that!?

This year is the turn of Usher. If he’s in the same company as the above names then I’m one karaoke rehearsal away from performing next year. I’m sure Usher has his fans, but I have no no doubt he will serve up a dull set of floor emptiers that gives the crowd in attendance the perfect opportunity to go to the bar or the millions watch on TV around the world to put the kettle on or head to the fridge to stock up on snacks.

Taylor Swift And Commercials

Of course, Usher isn’t the most-talked about music star ahead of this year’s Super Bowl. That will be Taylor Swift. The Super Bowl has become all about her due to her relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, even the Japan embassy have felt it necessary to use their time to comment on her travel arrangements from Tokyo to Las Vegas.

And then there’s this weird obsession with the adverts. Who cares? No, really. Why is it important?

It just feels that, as a sports fan, that my interest in the match is being completely ignored and the build up to this year’s Super Bowl is a real low for sport.

Oh, and if you wondered, it’s the San Francisco 49ers playing against Kansas City Chiefs.


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