Time To Boycott Prime Drink


It’s time to pull the plug on the drink which has dominated headlines for the last year and whose demand amongst youths has caused its price to skyrocket. 

Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME energy drink was released around this time last year and the drink quickly flew off the shelves. The two YouTubers, who have hundreds of millions of subscribers between them, have launched a massive marketing campaign and partnered with the likes of the UFC and Arsenal FC to help boost the drink’s image. 

The constant coverage of the so-called ‘hydration’ drink has resulted in mass shortages of PRIME across the nation, with some retailers selling it for upwards of £100.


Loaded With Caffeine

Whilst I can appreciate the business savvy of the two ‘stars’, my problem lies with their young fanbase, most of whom aren’t old enough to understand what’s actually in the drink or what the effect can be.

After closer inspection, it’s clear that PRIME has more caffeine in it than a large, strong coffee and that’s it a terrible choice for a children’s or teenager’s drink. 

I find it outrageous that more people haven’t cottoned on to this, and I’m strongly considering launching a campaign to have the drink banned or at least unavailable for those under 18.

PRIME website says that the beverage should not be consumed by those under age, but I’ve yet to meet a Logan Paul or KSI fan whose age is above 20. If the Youtubers wish to look after their young demographic, then they shouldn’t have released a drink so high in caffeine. 

Health Concerns

There have been several horror stories of underage PRIME drinkers having to get their stomach pumped and visiting hospital due to its 140 mg of caffeine, and the drink’s sweet flavours can make drinking several bottles at once sound tempting, especially if you’re young and don’t know any better. 

I sincerely hope the two Youtubers do the right thing and make PRIME a healthier, more family-friendly beverage. After several teenagers have suffered health complaints from it, it may be time to phone up Jamie Oliver and get him to work his magic.


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