Veganuary Is Only For Sheep


Vegan Diet In January

The British public often see January as a time for starting afresh, and for giving up some bad habits - at least for a little while anyway. 

A lot of people see this as a time to go on a bit of a health kick. Whether that’s hitting the gym, cutting out takeaways, or trying out Veganuary - where you have to eat a vegan diet for the whole month - is another popular pick. But I have to say I think it’s all a load of nonsense. 

I think Veganuary is quite a boring initiative, and I have seen people jumping on the agenda for what seems like a bit of attention and nothing more. 

Yes, I know maybe some people are genuinely wanting to make healthy changes and eat a bit better, but with the amount some millennials like to tell you about it online, I think it seems more likely that it’s often being used as an excuse to virtue signal on Instagram to all of their 500 followers. Really, does anyone actually care? 

Processed Substitutes

Vegans love to talk about how healthy they are, but we all know that a lot of substitutes are very processed and definitely not good for you and contain lots of salt. Also, while it might be a good thing to get more veg into your diet, a lot of it is out of season. Isn’t it much worse to have all those avocados vegans eat shipped in from abroad?

I think we must also remember to support British farmers and the agricultural industry. Food produced in the UK is produced to some of the highest animal welfare and environmental standards in the world and we should keep consuming it. 

Keeping farmers in business, whether they’re producing animals, dairy or plants, is very important for the UK economy and the smaller pockets of those farms are based in. I know there are many other things you can do to look after your health and the environment that don’t just involve ditching dairy. 

Of course, a lot of the various substitutes can never match up to the real thing. Have you ever tried having oat milk in your tea? I have, and it was a horrible experience! I’m not going to be switching from my semi-skimmed milk anytime soon and I don't think you should either. 


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