Wazdan Cash Drop: Chinese New Year Promo

Wazdan's Chinese New Year Promo

Lord Ping always loves to deck the halls of his mansion at every opportunity, and what better way to brighten up the cold January months than by celebrating Chinese New Year. This year brings us the year of the Rabbit, and while Lord Ping prefers friends of a feathered nature, the luck that is synonymous with the rabbit might come in handy in 2023. Developer Wazdan seems to agree with this assessment as they’ve created their Chinese New Year Promotion in honour of this important Eastern holiday. 

How the Promotion Works

During the Chinese New Year, family members exchange red envelopes, which are, as you might have guessed, red envelopes that are filled with money. In Wazdan's promotion, which offers an incredible 150,000 EUR in rewards, the same idea is replicated, though with a few fantastic slot games thrown in for good measure.

As part of the promotion, 150 mystery boxes are being given out, and each one could contain one of the following prizes:

1000 EUR

250 EUR

150 EUR

75 EUR

50 EUR

20 EUR


Simply participate in any of Wadzan's epic games between January 16 and January 29 to be entered to win your Mystery Box. Best of luck to you! Prize Box Awards are given out at random when you play any game that is qualified, so you never know when you might win a unique prize.


Terms and Conditions:

Runs 16/1/23 - 29/1/23. Any participating game can trigger a share of the prize pool – set in EUR and may be subject to currency conversion.

Join Wazdan's Cash Drop: Chinese New Year at the Official Lord Ping Site and Enjoy the Start to the Year of the Rabbit

So, if you’re looking to embrace all the potential bounties of a New Year, sign up and play today at Lord Ping to take part in Wazdan’s Cash Drop promotion and hopefully win one of the elusive mystery boxes.


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