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Since Evolution first announced Funky Time at ICE London 2023, everyone has been excited to hear more about it. Funky Time takes players on a disco-themed journey that takes place in the 1970s. Funky Time has a theoretical RTP starting at 95%, and is a multiplier-packed adventure and the biggest new release since the well-known Crazy Time, offers an exciting number of bonus rounds.

Funky Time Game Details

So, what is Funky Time? Well, to paraphrase developer Evolution’s own words; ‘Funky Time is a cool '70s-style disco spectacular based on the wildly popular Crazy Time live game show concept.’ In fact, it could be seen as a direct sequel. It features generous multipliers and four fun Bonus games with the star of the show being a 64-segment digiwheel which is operated by an amicable host.

How To Play Funky Time

Rounds of Funky Time take around 3 minutes to play, meaning you can enjoy a few spins of the wheel in just 10 minutes, making it a great title for casual gamers. To play the Funky Time live casino game, follow these steps: 

  1. Load the game at Lord Ping on your chosen device.
  2. Next, place your wager. Funky Time offers 17 different betting opportunities. Pick the chip you want to use for your wager. Then place a wager using the betting options you want to use.
  3. The betting is closed once all wagers have been made. The game will then begin after the host spins the wheel. A disco ball spins the wheel and scatters multipliers across it.
  4. You will be able to quickly observe the result of this round after the wheel finishes spinning. You would have won if you had gambled on the square where the wheel stopped. If the wheel has fallen on it, you may receive an instant reward or be taken to a bonus game.
  5. Once all resulting actions have concluded, betting will open again and a new round will have started.

Funky Time Live Chat

Evolution has worked hard to accurately recreate the ambiance and energy of a 1970s disco, which is why the live chat component is so important to the gameplay overall. Of course, as this is a casino game, be sure to always gamble responsibly and not get too swept up in the fun and games. When the fun stops, stop.

Funky Time Live Features and Bonus Games

Similar to its predecessor Crazy Time, the Funky Time UK game offers multiple bonus games. The bonus games offered in Funky Time are as follows:

Bar Bonus

You’ll head off to a bar if the Bar segment is landed on. A robotic barman is standing by, ready for you to order a drink. Next, you’ll need to decide on a colour. The automated barman then serves three drinks. These have multipliers inside. You selected a colour that is related to a beverage. Your last prize from this bonus round is the multiplier that comes with it.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus

This bonus game is played with your other players featuring 90 coloured balls and a multiplier ladder that raises up to 10,000x. By raising the metres as much as you can, the objective is to live as long as you can. In advance, you select a colour ball, and this is the metre you will use to play. Is your metre's colour depicted as a ball? The metre then goes up by multipliers. Once more, the colour you select determines your bonus round prizes in total.

Disco Bonus

Time to hit the dance floor! You see yourself in the disco on a lit-up dance floor. You and Mr. Funky look for multipliers here. Mr. Funky will dance due to the DJ's top-mounted wheel. Using the wheel, Mr. Funky can go left, right, backward, or forward. Up until Mr. Funky leaves the dance floor, this goes on. You have won all the multipliers you have accumulated thus far. This bonus is also capped at a 10,000x multiplier.

VIP Disco Bonus

This bonus game is the same as Disco. You will only be able to play with even larger multipliers and have a chance to win even bigger rewards in this VIP version. Based on the wheel above, Mr. Funky starts dancing once more. He gathers as many multipliers as he can, which will earn you a nice payout at the conclusion of the bonus game. Just like the Disco Bonus, Funky Time’s VIP Disco Bonus also caps at 10,000x multiplier.

Funky Time FAQs

How to bet on Funky Time?

Choose an amount to stake between a specified bet range; the maximum amount may change according to the casino you're at. Then, from the condensed 17 selections shown at the bottom of the screen, choose the wheel segments you want to bet on. You can easily access the betting chips, which are found at the bottom of the game screen.

Does Funky Time feature live hosts?

Yes, a high-quality host is the staple of almost all Evolution Live creations, and the host of Funky Time is no different. Dressed in their best disco dancing attire these hosts know how to perfectly set the mood.

Is it safe to play Funky Time in online casinos

The UK Gambling Commission has granted licences to the majority of internet casinos, including Lord Ping in order to provide a safe, secure, and fair environment for all of our players.


Celebrate the Seventies with Funky Time at Lord Ping

While there are plenty of things many of us that remember the 70s would rather forget (just look at some of those hairstyles) there are plenty of amazing things about this era, and one of them is definitely disco. Celebrating this iconic genre of dance and music, Evolution Gaming has created a fantastic live experience that is sure to appeal to players both new and old. To play Funky Time or any of our other great casino games, table games, slot games, and more, sign up and play today at Lord Ping.

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