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When it was released Lightning Baccarat by Evolution Gaming really shook things up. Players attempt to come as close to nine as they can while competing against the Banker's hand. The game was exciting because of the Lightning component, which was a small number of cards with multipliers attached that were randomly selected after each round. XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat Live expands on this intriguing concept. It expands on the framework offered by XXXtreme Lightning Roulette with higher multipliers. The anticipation of these massive multipliers makes each round more exciting. To learn more about Evolution's XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat including important information like XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat RTP, keep reading. You may also explore our selection of the finest live dealer games to complete your online gaming experience here on Lord Ping casino.

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Lord Ping

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Lord Ping

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Lord Ping

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Game Details

So, what is XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat? Similar to Lightning Baccarat, XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat offers doubled payouts for winning hands. The main difference is the potential for more Lightning Cards and bigger multipliers. Each game round generates four to eight Lightning Cards at random, each with a Lightning Multiplier of up to ten. The captivating presentation and dynamic user interface of the game give the classic Baccarat game an entirely new dimension, offering a unique and new experience among our series of popular live baccarat games here on Lord Ping.

How To Play XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat

The game is played using standard Baccarat rules. Eight 52-card decks are assembled in a dealing show after being mixed. A cutting card is placed on one deck from the end of the shoe. When the cutting card is shown, the shoe is over, and a new shoe is begun when the game round is finished. The general how-to-play process for the XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat Game is as follows:

  • Predicting which of the two positions, Player or Banker, will have a hand that is closest to or equal to nine is the goal of the game. Both the Tie position and the playing positions are available for wagering. If the hand is a tie, both the Player and Banker bets are returned to the respective players. Bettors on ties win 2.85:1 odds. In contrast to a winning Banker hand, which pays out 0.97:1, a winning Player hand pays out 1:1. Commission is charged on 3% of banker victories.
  • Next comes the Lightning element of the game. Four to eight cards are chosen per game to act as multipliers. If the hand on which you wager wins and has a multiplier card, your payout is multiplied by the multiplier. A hand with multiple multiplier cards may yield large winnings. A tie results in a payout of 2,850,000:1, while the maximum reward for a Player or Banker is 10000x.The Banker and Player Pair side bets also profit from the multipliers, with a maximum payout of 800:1 possible. 
  • Your bets must be placed within 15 seconds. There is no auto-play option available, however, you can use the re-bet button to repeat your last round's wager.
  • A bet can be placed in one of the following five ways: Tie, Player, and Banker, a Side bet on the banker pair or a Side wager on a player pair.
  • Once the betting session has concluded, your bets are confirmed, and 50% of your bet is added as a charge to produce a total wager. When calculating compensation, the fee is not taken into consideration. The benefits for the higher multiplier are reduced using the deduction.

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat Bonus Features

The Lightning feature is the sole bonus feature of the XXXtreme Lightning Roulette game. The Lightning Round will start after the betting period is over. For each Lightning Round, a virtual 52-card deck is used to generate 4–8 Lightning Cards at random, as well as random multipliers for each Lightning Card. It is possible to multiply by 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 times.

After the Lightning Round, the Player and Banker get two or three cards, depending on the value of their hands, in accordance with standard Baccarat rules.

If you succeed, your winnings are increased by the quantity of matching Lightning Cards you hold. If three Lightning Cards lined up, the total prize might grow by up to 1000 times. The possibility of a 2,850,000x multiplier on a winning Tie wager with six matching Lightning Cards makes it much more exciting!

XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat FAQs

How to bet on XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat?

To place a wager on XXXtreme Lightning Roulette simply pick one or more of the five available options you can wager on a tie, on the Player, or the banker, or a Side bet on the banker pair or a Side wager on a player pair.

Can I play XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat on Mobile?

Yes, all Evolution Gaming titles can be enjoyed on all devices including mobile phones and tablets, making them great for gaming on the go.

Is it safe to play XXXTreme Lightning Baccarat in online casinos?

The UK Gambling Commission has granted licenses to the majority of internet casinos, including Lord Ping. In order to provide a safe, secure, and fair environment for all of our players, they are in charge of regulating our casino.

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