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Baking Bonanza

Baking Bonanza

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Baking Bonanza is an online slingo game that is sure to get those with a sweet tooth drooling. The pastel-coloured interface is played on a 5 by 5 grid that is fashioned to look like a recipe book, full of different ingredients needed to make the sweetest treats. A beaming pastry chef is there to oversee you, complete the recipes and take home big wins. The aim of the game is to match ingredients and bake many delicious desserts. There are also special bonuses that can be earned by completing recipes perfectly. So whether you're a dab hand in the kitchen or you've never even set foot in one, Baking Bonanza is the perfect game for you to enjoy some sugary fun.

How to Play Baking Bonanza Slot Online

In Baking Bonanza, the aim of the game is to bake. Simple, right? First, you will decide the amount you wish to stake. This can be anywhere between 1 to 100 credits at every spin, very flexible for players of all levels to have a chance to enjoy the game. Once your desired bet is placed, you now get to choose which recipes you wish to start the rounds with. The chosen recipes will be the ones that you will need to complete the ingredients for. Once your bet and chosen recipes are set, hitting the Spin button initiates the game round. Each game lasts for 5 spins and during those 5 spins, you will have to complete the needed ingredients for the recipes you chose. When a matching ingredient appears, the corresponding symbol will be highlighted on the reels and when all ingredients are lit up, a payout is awarded. Don't fret if you do not get to complete some pastries during the 5 spins. Extra spins can be bought for a price which is indicated on the spin button after the first 5 spins are done.

Baking Bonanza Slot Symbols

The symbols for Baking Bonanza slot game are composed of different recipes and all the ingredients that are needed to complete them. And since the food in the game is based on real world food, you can imagine how many symbols there are for the game. Some of them are milk, butter, cocoa, eggs, different fruits, shortbread, whipped cream, and a whole lot more. Clicking on the Help button will allow you to see all the recipes and ingredients for the game.

A good example is the Golden Champagne Truffles which is actually the highest paying recipe in the game when completed, giving a win of 2,450x the total bet. And this only also means it needs the finest ingredients such as champagne, cocoa beans, a gold leaf, and more.

Baking Bonanza Slot Features

Baking Bonanza allows players the freedom to choose the level of gameplay they wish to play in. You can choose among different pastry recipes of varying difficulties to make. And the difference in difficulty also directly equates to the wins each completed recipe awards. Simpler recipes provide smaller wins. And naturally, more complex recipes pay more.

Baking Bonanza FAQs

What is the maximum bet for Baking Bonanza?

The maximum bet for Baking Bonanza is 100.

What is the minimum bet for Baking Bonanza?

The minimum bet for Baking Bonanza is 1.

Can I play Baking Bonanza on mobile?

Baking Bonanza is optimised for mobile and tablet devices.

What is the RTP of Baking Bonanza?

Baking Bonanza has a different RTP for every recipe you choose to play with.

What is the biggest potential win for Baking Bonanza?

The Baking Bonanza slot machine has a maximum potential win of 2,450 times the stake.

Baking Bonanza Online Slot on Lord Ping

Baking Bonanza provides a dynamic yet very interesting and mouth-watering gaming experience. With a long list of recipes to choose from, you can actually spend hours in this game while having a different experience at every round. Come and play Baking Bonanza, and thousands of other online casino games available, here in Lord Ping Casino today!

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