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DJ Fox Slot Machine

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The DJ Fox slot may appear initially puzzling. With three reels and five rows, the game has some peculiar regulations. Initially, when the game first launches, only one row is unlocked. Second, in place of conventional paylines, the slot machine makes use of Push Gaming's exclusive Win What You See technology.

DJ Fox spins the decks to the right of the reels in this dazzling club scene. Depending on your opinion on the peculiar game mechanics and clubs in general, the throbbing soundtrack might either make you feel good or crazy.

The symbols on the reels are rather self-explanatory. As previously mentioned, values ranging from 1 to 9 as well as 0 and 00 appear. These values combine. Additionally, there is a unique VIP record sign that aids in the unlocking of additional rows.

In addition to the previously mentioned ante bet Push-Up feature, the DJ Fox slot machine offers three primary bonus features. This comprises multipliers, metre locks, respins, and ViP symbols.

A respin is given and the next row becomes active if a VIP symbol lands on an active reel. The Multiplier metre also gathers the VIP emblem.

While number symbols stay in place, dud symbols respin during respins. A further respin takes place and any VIP symbols that fall on recently activated rows are also accumulated in the multiplier metre.

You will see a Multiplier Metre with values ranging from 2 to 20x to the left of the reels. As previously mentioned, the Multiplier Metre fills from lowest to highest as VIP icons are accumulated. Additionally, there are two blank fox symbols before the multipliers start.

Lastly, the Metre Lock feature could randomly activate on any spin. This accomplishes its stated goal of locking your Multiplier Metre progress for the subsequent spin. This function can only be activated following a spin in which VIP symbols are present. The metre resets after the extra spin that the metre lock is left on.

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