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Fruit Warp

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Fruit Warp is a Thunderkick classic that many people are familiar with. It says a lot that this game has remained popular despite the lack of wild symbols, scatters, paylines, or even reels. It's most likely because the extra features are so enticing, and the potential is so great. The RTP is very attractive at 97 percent, and you can win up to 11,000 times your bet.

Fruit Warp Game Description

Thunderkick started with a couple of passionate guys who are not afraid to weather the slot game industry and eventually made a name for themselves. Fruit Warp is one of their successful games. There are no traditional reels and rows in this game. Thunderkick, the game's creator, made a smart decision. Fruit Warp slot creates the symbols out of thin air rather than spinning the reels and putting them in position. And then they vanish into thin air, giving birth to new fruit combinations, both common and uncommon. Every apparition and disappearance of the symbols are preceded or followed by subtle 3D animation, demonstrating the designers' attention to detail.

The scene appears to be an aquarium filled with a mucilaginous substance in which the fruits come to life and disappear with each spin. In the world of online casinos, the noises are also very unique. Fruit Warp slot has some unusual chimes and a soundtrack that recalls an elevator that goes up and down a rainforest canopy, with the top floor being outer space. When you score a precise combination, the music kicks up a notch and new sound effects begin to depict an unusual scene.

How to Play Fruit Warp Slot Online

The stakes range from 0.10 to 100 credits, so this slot can be enjoyed by both casual players and high rollers looking for a big win. When it comes to the game's symbols, there are the common and exotic ones. Along with the bananas, strawberries, plums, cherries, grapes, and other common fruits, there are some unusual ones such as dragonfruit, carambola, pitaya, and kiwano. The rarer the fruit, the higher the price. Your stake is doubled by 216 when dragon fruit covers the screen. The kiwano pays 45 times while the carambola pays 42 times. Fruit Warp doesn't feature a traditional paytable, but after the fifth, sixth, or seventh spin, you'll get the idea. When you get four or five of the identical fruits in this game, you'll get an exciting additional feature. It's essentially a feature that generates re-spins in the future.

With each spin, a new set of fruits appears, resulting in matches that remain on the board. The next batch of fruits blends in with the previous ones. Of course, if there are two matching pairs, you take the winnings from both. Despite the lack of scatter symbols or wild cards, the game appears to favour providing you an extra fruit that you can combine for a larger match. Because there are nine slots filled with nine fruits, it's possible to get three matching pairs on the first spin, or three on the first spin and two or three more on the next.

Fruit Warp Slot Symbols

The highest-earning symbols are the exotic fruits, but even the lesser-paying symbols pay out generously. Because there are no paylines in this game, you can win by landing three to nine matching symbols anywhere on the screen in the same spin. Fruit Warp's symbol rewards are as follows:

  • Dragon Fruit - Gives 216 for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Kiwano - Gives 45 times for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Starfruit - Gives 42 times for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Grapes - Gives 36 times for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Banana - Gives 30 times for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Orange - Gives 27 times for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Strawberry - Gives 24 times for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Plum - Gives 18 times for 9 on the screen at once.
  • Cherries - Gives 15 times for 9 cherries on the screen at once.

Fruit Warp Slot Features

The free spin function is the only extra feature that can be derived from this game. It happens when you obtain five of the same sign. If you have three or four of the same, they will stay in place while the others are changed, and if you have five of the same, you will be entered into the bonus round. Within the free spins, there is an additional bonus feature. The Fruit Warp slot continues to spin once you've entered Fruit Mode, and the matching fruits are counted as winnings. Also, each fruit that appears from the same five that activated the free spins is added to a total. As you collect more of the same fruit, a field of bars becomes charged. When the Fruit Mode is completed, the game will calculate your winnings which is normally a substantial number that will be credited to your account.

Fruit Warp FAQs

What is the maximum bet for Fruit Warp?

The maximum bet for Fruit Warp is 100.

What is the minimum bet for Fruit Warp?

The minimum bet for Fruit Warp is 0.10.

Can I play Fruit Warp on mobile?

Yes, you can. Fruit Warp is available on many Android and iOS devices.

What is the RTP of Fruit Warp?

The RTP of Fruit Warp is 97 percent.

What is the biggest potential win for Fruit Warp?

The biggest potential win for Fruit Warp is 11000x your wager.

Fruit Warp Slot Game on Lord Ping

Play Fruit Warp slot game at Lord Ping Online Casino. Fruit Warp online slot is one of over a thousand games we offer. Fruit Warp can be a rewarding slot with 11000x your stake. Lord Ping offers a great selection of live games and other casino games as well. Visit the Lord Ping site to enjoy the Fruit Warp casino slot.

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