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Joker’s Jewels Slot Machine

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The Joker’s Jewels slot game is a classic-style slot machine with all of the familiar symbols and flairs to show for itself. Fans of the old-school slots machines will enjoy the throwback to a simpler, more straightforward gameplay, and new punters will also appreciate an easier start to their gambling career. The Joker’s Jewels slot online does have some new flourishes that more weathered gamblers will still find interesting. But if you’re looking for a really fast-paced and impressively-designed slots machine, this is not the option for you. Instead, turn to the Joker’s Jewels online slot game if you want more of a casual, authentic slot machine experience.

Joker’s Jewels Game Description

The Joker’s Jewels online slot machine is a brightly-coloured slot affair, complete with all of the flashing lights and whimsical sounds to keep you mildly amused while the reels spin. With the purple diamond backdrop, the game keeps the joker theme alive. And the big tent is reminiscent of an old-time carnival fair.

New players will appreciate that the pay table is prominently displayed directly on the playing screen. This way, you don’t have to keep looking back and forth to see how much each symbol is worth. The clinking, chimes, bells, and whistles really add a lot to the overall flavour and excitement of the game.

How to Play Joker’s Jewels Slot Online

The Joker’s Jewels slot online is a back-to-the-basics style slot machine. So, there aren’t any complicated bonus features or free spin rounds you have to figure out. It’s all very simple, even if you’ve never played an online slots machine before. Here’s how to get things started:

  1. Set the wager amount that you want to bet. Betting starts at $0.05 and goes all the way up to $25 (if all the coins are selected). This is done by clicking on the plus or minus icons next to the spin button.
  2. You can also decide how many coins you'd like to use per wager round. You can bet up to ten coins per line per round.
  3. Next, press the spin circle to get things going.
  4. When you line up 3 or more of the same symbols on a winning payline, you'll automatically get paid the amount that the symbols are valued at.
  5. The more symbols you get, the more you get paid.

Hold the spacebar down if you want to put it onto turbo spin. This is a nifty feature that does two things:

  1. Turbo spin allows you to repeatedly spin the reels without having to reset or confirm your wager after each round.
  2. Turbo spin also makes the reels move faster.

So, if you’re a punter who is just itching to run through the rounds, turbo spin is a great feature that you’ll get plenty of use out of.

Joker’s Jewels Characters and Features

The Joker’s Jewels online slot machine is decked out as would be fitting of a jester's folly. The reel symbols include some of the jester's baubles like diamonds, topazes, and rubies. These are the lowest paying symbols, funnily enough. The jester's decorated slippers catch the same value as the gems. Climbing higher in value come the juggling cones and period-style stringed instrument. Finally, the Joker’s Jewels symbol itself pays out the most.

The beauty of the Joker’s Jewels slot machine is that it is so simple to play. Many of today’s online slots games are loaded with high-definition graphics, convoluted bonus rounds that make you jump through hoops, and other more advanced features. These make the game more fun, to be sure. But they also complicate things, making the whole experience a bit overwhelming for someone who is new to the art of gambling.

What’s unusual about the Joker’s Jewels online slot game is that it doesn’t have a bonus round. The lack of a bonus round itself is unusual. But the fact that there is a bonus symbol that doesn’t trigger any bonus round, that’s where the strangeness sets in.

Joker’s Jewels Jackpot

The max payout for a Joker’s Jewels slot online game is 1,000 times your wager. You can achieve this by hitting five of the Joker’s Jewels icons. There is no specific bonus round or jackpot. All plays pay left to right, except for bonus symbols.

Joker’s Jewels Software

The Joker’s Jewels slot online game comes to you from Pragmatic Play. This is surprising considering the fact that the highly-talented software developer makes some of the most beautifully-designed and exciting online slots you can get. Compared to some of the popular titles like Aladdin and the Sorcerer, Hercules and Pegasus, and John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen, the Joker’s Jewels slot game is incongruous.

Joker’s Jewels on Mobile

The Joker’s Jewels slot game is available on all mobile devices. Designed by the ever-popular gents down at Pragmatic Play, Joker’s Jewels gives you all the same features and payouts on your iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets as it does on the desktop version.

You'll get no lag or sluggishness from this mobile game, either. So, if you prefer to be a punter on the go, then Joker’s Jewels slot game is a fine choice.

Joker’s Jewels FAQs

How do payouts work?

When a winning combination appears on one of the active paylines, you'll be paid according to the value of that symbol. All symbols pay from left to right with the exclusion of the scatter and bonus symbols.

Are there any bonus features in the Joker’s Jewels slot game?

No. Joker’s Jewels is a basic slot machine that offers a simple but fun slots machine experience.

What does the bonus symbol do?

The bonus symbol in the Joker’s Jewels slot online game is there to increase your winnings. In other words, if you were to win $5 because of a winning combination that you created using regular symbols, the bonus symbol will add more earnings on top of that. How much extra you get from the bonus symbol depends on how many you get.

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