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Slingo Extreme is a faster paced Slingo game which is preferred by many players. Slingo Extreme has a 5x5 grid and 12 paylines. Free spins, Wilds, super Wilds, and cash prizes are all available while playing the Slingo Extreme. Slingo Extreme has a betting range that may feel like it is designed for high-rollers which starts 0.50 to 100. Slingo Extreme is a medium volatility game which usually means a frequency of wins with small values. The RTP of Slingo Extreme is 95% which is common in these games. The maximum potential win for Slingo Extreme is 5,000 times your stake.

How to Play Slingo Extreme Slot Online

Setting your stake amount is the first step in getting started with Slingo Extreme. This is accomplished by using the + and - buttons at the bottom of the screen. When you're satisfied with your wager, simply press the 'spin' button; it's really that simple. We always recommend that beginners visit the paytable for a better understanding of the game.

When you click spin, your Slingo Extreme game will begin and play automatically. This means you can sit back and relax while watching the action, unless a Joker or Super Joker lands, in which case you must select the number you want to mark off. When it comes to matching numbers, you don't even have to worry about marking them off because the Slingo Extreme game does it all for you.

The idea is simple: numbers on your grid are marked off when they match those on the slot reel, and if you manage to mark off 5 numbers in a row, you'll win a slingo. Each time you do so, you'll move up the left-hand ladder and win the corresponding prize amount.

Slingo Extreme Slot Symbols

In terms of symbols, you'll find all of the standard Slingo symbols here, such as Jokers, Super Jokers, Free Spins symbols, the Devil, Coins, and, of course, the numbers that you must match. The numbers are not exactly symbols but they are as important because marking them creates Slingos and that is how you win.

Slingo Extreme Slot Features

The Jokers is a common feature of many Slingo games and provides a nice bonus for players. The Joker Bonus is an instant cash prize awarded to players who land three Jokers or Super Jokers (in any combination) on a single spin.

When a player lands the 'free spin' symbol, they are awarded free spins. The free spins will be played at the end of the base game, which consists of 11 spins. There are four free spins available, and it's worth noting that each free spin won reduces the number of extra spins available at the end of the game, ensuring that your total game never exceeds 19 spins.

The prize ladder is located to the left of the game grid and indicates how much each Slingo you achieve will earn you; think of it as a paytable in traditional slot games.

Slingo Extreme FAQs

What is the maximum bet for Slingo Extreme?

The maximum bet for Slingo Extreme is 100.

What is the minimum bet for Slingo Extreme?

The minimum bet for Slingo Extreme is 0.50.

Can I play Slingo Extreme on mobile?

Yes, you can play Slingo Extreme on any Android or iOS device.

What is the RTP of Slingo Extreme?

Slingo Extreme has an RTP of 95%.

What is the biggest potential win for Slingo Extreme?

The biggest potential wim for Slingo Extreme is 5,000 times your stake.

Slingo Extreme Online Slot on Lord Ping

Slingo Extreme is available at Lord Ping. The Lord Ping site has over 1,000 games from leading game developers that combine sharp graphics, exciting soundtracks, and cutting-edge gameplay. Slingo Extreme are for players who prefer a faster slingo game. If you are a beginner you can also try this game as it is easy to get the hang of.

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