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Slingo Riches

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The name Slingo is well-known in the slot game world for their unique take on the online slot: When it comes to this brand name, you can expect a hybrid of slots and bingo. The sleek and calming Slingo Riches slot is one such offering, with 12 paylines, a wide range of bets, and a huge top prize of 20,000x your wager. Play on one of Slingo’s most beautiful instalments yet, filled with relaxing cyans and sky blues on its dynamic bingo-style grid.

How to Play Slingo Riches Slot Online

The Slingo Riches game might look very odd to you if you’ve never tried out a Slingo offering before, but rest assured that it isn't especially difficult to get into. You will get the hang of this slot in no time! One thing to remember is that most of Slingo’s products like this one don’t function like regular slots, so throw out all that stored info in the meantime as you play. Rather than a grid, think of it as a bingo card. On the left side of the card, you’ll see a pay table, the controls for which are found at the bottom of the screen. Place your bet between 0.50 and 100, and adjust it accordingly throughout the game as necessary. On the right side, you’ll find a ball hopper with bingo balls. These are the slot’s spins! The card itself doesn’t move much while most of the gameplay occurs on the bottom row, which changes with each of your spins. If you match the numbers at the bottom with those on your bingo card, the corresponding card tile will change into a star. To win, you will need to line up 5 stars either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Slingo Riches Slot Symbols

As this is a Slingo slot, there are no traditional symbols to be found in the Slingo Riches slot game. Rather, you will see a bingo card filled with numbers, which will then flip over to become stars if you land matches with your spins. There is only one other special symbol, which is the wild represented by the Slingo joker.

Slingo Riches Slot Features

The game itself is very different compared to regular slots, so you’ll need to get used to the myriad features found in the Slingo Riches slot online. This game also offers some exciting bonuses that make this slot truly stand out, even among Slingo offerings! If you land the Joker wild, all the numbers on the corresponding bingo card column will light up. You will then be asked to pick any number of your choice and turn it into a winning star! If you land 3 Jokers, you will even be granted a generous cash reward. A symbol you’ll want to avoid is the Devil, which blocks its corresponding column from getting any wins on any given spin. The addition of this symbol adds a certain thrill to the game as you never know if the Devil will be out to get you!

No online slot would be complete without some free spins, and this game offers 4 of those. You can earn these spins by either buying them with your own in-game wallet or randomly earning them as you play.

Slingo Riches FAQs

What is the maximum bet for Slingo Riches?

The maximum allowed bet in the Slingo Riches online slot is 100.

What is the minimum bet for Slingo Riches?

If you have a small budget, try out this slot for just 0.50 per spin.

Can I play Slingo Riches on mobile?

This slot game’s sleek animation and graphics look just as great on mobile as they do on desktop.

What is the RTP of Slingo Riches?

With an RTP of 95%, this slot is classified as having a low return rate. That makes gameplay especially challenging, with the house having the edge over the player.

What is the biggest potential win for Slingo Riches?

If you do get lucky playing this game, you could earn up to 20,000x your wager as a top prize.

Slingo Riches Online Slot on Lord Ping

The Slingo Riches slot machine is a unique combination of slots and bingo. As you can expect from Slingo, it is an improvement over their previous games, proving that the developer is constantly evolving. This time, they’ve come out with a sleek game with thrilling features in store. This and many more slot games can be found on Lord Ping.

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