Ask Lord Ping Are Live Roulette Tables Fixed?

are live roulette tables fixed


Are live roulette tables rigged? While Lord Ping will go into more detail, the short answer is: no. You can enjoy live roulette games worry-free so long as you're playing at a trustworthy casino. But how can you ensure you're playing with a safe and legitimate site? Keep on reading as Lord Ping will reveal all.


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Is Live Roulette Fixed?

The answer is simple: no fair and legitimate online casino will allow a fixed, rigged, or unfair game on their platform. Live casino games and in particular live roulette games have grown in popularity in recent years, but as with other 'new' technology innovations, particularly those involving real money, it is fair to have misgivings about their trustworthiness and validity. The most crucial thing for players to understand is how to distinguish between a safe and potentially risky casino, but it is also reassuring to know the technology in place to ensure Live Roulette tables are fair, which is examined in the following section. 

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Reasons Why Live Roulette Isn’t Fixed…

While the early days of online casinos were a little sketchy, in modern times there are tons of safeguards rules and regulations in place to protect players. Discussed below are just some of the reasons why legitimate developers and sites ensure their live roulette tables aren’t fixed. Being aware of these reasons is important as they can help you spot the few shady operators and games from a mile off!

Casino Regulations

UK Casinos like Lord Ping must be licensed and regulated by an official body. All trustworthy online casinos are licenced and governed by reputable regulatory agencies. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) are two of the most well-known, however licencing from other agencies such as Gibraltar, Curaçao, and Macau is also permissible. Lord Ping is licensed by UKGC, and has to maintain high standards and adhere to the laws and regulations stipulated by the UK government in order to retain this license; one such example of this is to ensure the games we host are third-party tested to ensure fairness.

Risks and Repercussions of Cheating

The old adage goes, ‘mud sticks’, and with so much competition within the online casino space, the loss of trust from players can cause even a large and well-established site to crumble. In the online casino world, reputation and transparency are king, and the small profits an online casino may receive by hosting rigged games on their platform simply is not worth the risk and repercussions, which include loss of players, revocation of their licence, fines, and even criminal legal action. 

Numbers Never Deceive: Third-Party Testing and RNG

Most tables allow you to see up to the last 500 spins and the distribution of outcomes tends to balance out in accordance with the game’s theoretical RTP. However, to see the true distribution of results, players need to observe 200 rounds or more. If you limit the history to 50 results, you get a more distorted image, as winning and losing streaks that naturally occur when playing have a great bearing within a smaller data range. This is why people grumble about losing in streaks of 20 or so spins. 

Alongside this, the numerical data and statistics stated by the slot when compared to the gameplay experience will have been tested by a third party, to make sure they are correctly aligned and therefore fair. Live casino roulette games also have the benefit of the human element, which ensures fair and random outcomes (as a person cannot spin the wheel or drop the ball at the exact same time and angle every time). In the case that the live roulette game in question uses an automated wheel (such as in Quantum Roulette), then you best believe the wheel and its mechanics have been tested to ensure they are fair, and any computer programs will use advanced random number generation (RNG) technology to ensure fair and random outcomes.

The Casino Hosts the Game While the Developer Operates it: End-to-end Processes

Online Casinos do not run the live roulette games featured on their site, they only host them on their platform. Instead, they rely on licenced and audited third-party suppliers. They must comply with the licencing agency' tight criteria when providing the games. Alongside this, the money players wager does not go directly to the casino, instead, while your wager is active it is held in escrow. If you win then you are paid your winnings into your casino account. If your wager loses, then the casino will claim your wager. As the casino does not have direct access to your bets or to the software which operates the games there is no way that a casino can influence the outcome of the games.

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Play The Finest Live Roulette Games on Lord Ping

At Lord Ping you can play a huge selection of live casino games including top-tier live roulette games, which you can rest assured are 100% fair and unfixed. Sign up and play today to discover more at Lord Ping.


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