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In the past five years, live casino games have exploded into the online casino market. Allowing players to enjoy their favourite classic table games (such as roulette and blackjack) in real-time with a real dealer, as well as offering twists on classic formulas plus innovative and exclusive gameshows, it isn’t hard to see why. 

But what exactly are live casino games, and how do live casinos work? Our comprehensive Lord Ping article will help you get up to speed.


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How Does a Live Casino Work?

While dedicated live casino sites now exist, most live casinos are featured as a separate section of an existing online casino site; such as here at Lord Ping. This is convenient as you don’t need to sign up with a new site or make a new account to enjoy live casino games, and can easily switch between live casino titles and your favourite online casino games such as slots. 

Now, let’s look a little closer and examine the specific components that make up live casino games: 


It goes without saying that cameras are crucial to the effectiveness of live game streaming. New advances in technology have allowed for the employment of more powerful but smaller cameras to relay live feeds.

Most modern live casino games will stream using HD camera feeds (the player can lower the video quality on their end if they choose), with multiple camera angles, such as a broad shot and a close-up on the table, which the player can switch between.

Game Control Unit

The most crucial element of the live casino is undoubtedly the game control unit. A game control unit (GCU) is fastened to each table. The equipment, which is about the size of a shoebox, is in charge of encoding the broadcast footage. The real expert that helps the dealer manage the game is the GCU. To put it briefly, a live game cannot exist without the GCU.

Live Casino Dealers

Dealers are in charge of managing the game and ensuring that all players have an enjoyable gaming experience by seamlessly managing the pace of play, keeping the energy flowing, and interacting with players. Since no respectable casino would allow a dealer who did not know the game's rules, they require extensive training. The advancement of technology allowed for the dealer's every move to be monitored by a smart card.


The dealer uses a monitor to allow them to keep track of bets that can be closed and those that can be put, and it motivates them to act when needed. The dealer can view the online players on the monitor as well. As was already noted, live chat between dealers and players ensures that every problem is resolved quickly.

Live Casino Components

The Crucial Tech Behind Live Casino Games

While we won’t go too in-depth about all the tech that goes into producing live casino games, it can be helpful to know the overarching elements that come into play to allow you to enjoy your favourite live casino games.

Video Streaming

Players can view real-time video feeds of the dealers and the casino environment on their computers or mobile devices thanks to high-definition cameras used by online live casinos. With the use of this technology, players can communicate with the dealer and other players as well as watch the game as it happens.

Optical Camera Recognition

Through the use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the cards and other components of the game are recognised. By identifying any mistakes or inconsistencies in the game, this technology contributes to the fairness and accuracy of the game.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Online casinos employ random number generators, or RNGs, to make sure that each game's result is unpredictable and not predetermined. RNGs create random numbers using sophisticated algorithms to make sure that each player's experience in the game is fair and in line with the math models and metrics stated for the game.

Advanced Encryption Technology

To safeguard players' financial and personal information, online live casinos employ cutting-edge encryption technology. Data sent between a player's computer and the casino server is jumbled by encryption technology, rendering it unintelligible to hackers and other outside parties.

Casino Live Chat

Chat is included as a feature in almost every Live Casino game's user interface. Generally, players can type their remarks, queries, or grievances into a box or separate window that is part of the playing experience. The messages appear on the dealer's chat screen. To facilitate dealer conversation tracking, each player's username is shown, along with a colour assigned to both the name and the chat. The dealer responds to the chat by voice; the player receives a relay of their remarks via the playing interface, which is picked up by their microphone.

Audio Technology

During the game, players can communicate with the dealer and other players through the use of audio and chat technologies. With the use of this technology, gaming becomes more social and participatory, much like it would in a real casino.

Live Casino Features

The Live Casino Gaming Process

The phases of the gameplay may vary differently depending on the game you play.

Initially, the dealer will be videotaped, and the casino's software will alter the picture to make it work with both the user interface and the live broadcast. The created data will then be transmitted by the server and made available to all players.

After the players place their bets, the dealer will likely request more details. Players will place their wagers in the interim, and the casino's software will handle processing them. A "no more bets" announcement will be issued, and the betting buttons will become inaccessible.

The dealer will then commence the round with the camera filming events and recording the outcome. Players will see the results on their displays in a couple of seconds, along with the details of who won and who lost. After the round is over, players are expected to repeat the previous processes if they wish to keep playing.

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