Guide to Funky Time Live Game Bonuses

Funky Time Live Game Bonuses

Funky Time is Evolution Gaming’s newest live game show that many are heralding as a long-awaited sequel to Crazy Time. Because of this, and the renown of developer Evolution the casino community is buzzing about this game. Best of all, here at Lord Ping we're able to bring you this game a little bit early so you can see what the hype is all about. 

In today's blog post, part of a series dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of this game, we're taking a detailed look at the four exciting bonus rounds on offer when playing the Funky Time game.

What is Funky Time Live Game Show By Evolution?

A live game show with a funky disco theme, Funky Time is included in the category of live casino games. Evolution has been technologically creative, and similar to its predecessor Crazy Time, you play this game with a sizable, coloured wheel that has several segments. The DigiWheel used in Funky Time, however, features four additional games: BAR, Stayin' Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

The DigiWheel is comprised of 64 segments—designated as "1," "PLAY," "FUNKY," "TIME," and the four bonus games. The dealer spins the DigiWheel to start the game. All players who intend to participate in a game must make a wager on one  (or more) of the options on offer before playing. The game officially begins when the wheel is spun following the placement of all wagers. Winners are those who have placed wagers on the segment which the wheel stops on.


The Bonus Games of Funky Time 

Just like Crazy Time, Funky Time offers a whopping four different bonus rounds. It’s a good thing that their live hosts are so excellent because that’s quite a bit to keep track of! Don’t worry though, because as a player you have not only the host to guide you through proceedings, but our handy guide too. Let’s take a closer look at the Funky Time bonus games one by one. 

Bar Bonus

The Bar Bonus, which takes up six wheel segments, is the Funky Time Live feature that appears the most frequently. When the bonus begins, the robot barman will greet you and hand you a choice of three glasses, each with a unique coloured coaster. Once the players have made their selection, the robot will start filling each glass with a beverage that contains multipliers. Hopefully, you made the right decision and chose the glass that is getting the biggest refills. The bonus doesn't end there, though, as Mr. Robot's head will spin after he has finished pouring the beverages to reveal a slot reel with more multiple values. The barman will select a glass and place his stirrer in it after being stopped. This glass's value will be increased by the value of the reel spin. This bonus can be pretty lucrative if you’re lucky and has a top payout of £500,000 and a theoretical return to player of 95.90%.


Disco Bonus

How are you when it comes to dancing? Can you throw some serious shapes? Or are you uncoordinated? You don’t have to worry with the Disco bonus feature, because everyone’s welcome on the dancefloor! You can dance with Mr. Funky on a dance floor covered in multipliers in the disco bonus. A rotating wheel and other dancers evidently enjoying their night out on the town can be seen in the backdrop of this bonus. Mr. Funky's course during this feature is determined by the direction of the wheel, and he will pick up any multipliers he comes across. Let's hope you can stay up with his dances and accumulate some significant awards because the bonus round will stop once he departs the dance floor. This bonus has a theoretical RTP of 95.51% and also has a top payout of £500,000 should you be the lucky one with all the moves.


Stayin’ Alive Bonus

It was either Stayin' Alive or Saturday Night Fever, that simply had to be referenced in this disco-themed game and Evolution went for the former. Although the Stayin' Alive bonus resembles Evolution's Mega Ball in some ways, it is an entirely unique and thrilling feature. You choose a green, purple, or orange ball before it starts. Following that, as each ball is removed from the machine, its corresponding multiplier metre rises. However, keep an eye out for the black balls because the bonus will end once four of them have been drawn from the machine. Players can win up to £500,000 from this bonus and the game has an RTP of 95.49%.


VIP Disco Bonus

It's clear from just one place on the wheel that the VIP Disco Bonus is where you might be able to earn a significant multiple of your bet. Following the activation of this feature, you'll once again be dancing with Mr. Funky, but this time you'll be surrounded by multipliers that have values of 50x, 250x, 500x, and 1,500x. Keep your fingers crossed that the rotating wheel keeps Mr. Funky busy and he collects as many of those big juicy multipliers as he can since the bonus round will once again finish when he leaves the dance floor. Just like the other bonus games, the VIP disco bonus has a max payout of 500k but has a theoretical RTP of 95.38%.

As you can see, the bonuses featured in the Funky Time live game are set to have you moving and shaking with the best of ‘em. While the top prizes presented in this game are pretty amazing, they’re going to be pretty hard to hit which is why the range of multipliers and prizes on offer across the bonus games is really good to see. 


Play Funky Time Live Game Show on Lord Ping

If you want to play the Funky Time live game as soon as it’s released, then sign up and play today at Lord Ping for more updates. Until then you can entertain yourself with other great Evolution games such as Crazy Time, Monopoly Live, and Mega Ball.



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