Reinventing Sic Bo Games with Instant Super Sic Bo Live

Instant Super Sic Bo Live


Live Instant Super Sic Bo from Evolution Live is finally here but what are our thoughts, and does this release truly reinvent live Sic Bo gaming? In today’s article, we’ll be exploring the new Instant Super Sic Bo live game more closely, to get to the heart of the matter. A disclaimer before we start though; this isn’t a how-to-play guide for the Instant Super Sic Bo game, but you can find this and plenty more information on the game page for this title which can be found in our live casino games section. 

Instant Super Sic Bo Live Game Details


Instant Super Sic Bo


£0.20 - £2,500


Evolution Gaming






Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC




Android, Apple, Windows


Taking a Closer Look at Instant Super Sic Bo Gameplay

Evolution has experimented with "instant" live games before; they have already released instant roulette. For those who are unaware, Instant Super Sic Bo was developed to give players the Super Sic Bo gameplay at a significantly faster speed. Since this is the foundation of Instant Super Sic Bo's whole gameplay, let's examine it in more detail.

Most live casino games adhere to a particular pattern. Players are only able to place bets during the pre-round window. When betting closes and the real round of the game starts, you'll have to wait till the next one. This is good for some players since it allows them to talk to the host and creates anticipation as they wait. It can, however, be frustrating for those who want to start playing straight away. This irritation is lessened by Instant Play. Instant Super Sic Bo allows you to bet whenever and however you choose. The results should appear in a few seconds at most, after which the next round will start right away. 

Evolution is able to achieve this through simple mechanisms: Sic Bo dice are repeatedly rolled. Between rounds, there is neither a betting break nor downtime. Once you place your bet, it will be active in the next round. The speed at which Sic Bo dice can be rolled and bets settled means that there will, at most, be a brief waiting period. 

You can anticipate a similar overall experience when playing Instant Super Sic Bo if you have previously participated in an Evolution live game. The entire event occurs in a classy, purpose-built studio that is decorated in red and gold to give the impression that it could be an Asian gambling parlour, which naturally alludes to Sic Bo's historical Asian ancestry. To fit the scene, the professional live host is also dressed in red.


Delving into Instant Super Sic Bo Features

As we’ve already ascertained, the quick-play nature of the Instant Super Sic Bo game is definitely the stand-out feature, however, as this is a variation of the Super Sic Bo game, it also includes all the bonus features seen in the original release. 

The random multipliers that are added to some bets in Evolution's version of Sic Bo are also seen in Instant Super Sic Bo live/ One or more bets are chosen at random and given multipliers for each round. In the event that you place that wager in advance and it wins, the multiplier takes the place of the standard payment.

Not every wager can, however, receive every multiplier. The lower-value even-money wagers, for example, are completely immune to the effects of multipliers. However, in Super Sic Bo players might win 499:1; for a 4 or 17 wager, whereas in standard play, a total of 4 or 17 pays up to 50:1. With a payout of up to 999:1 the triple wager can achieve the highest payout.

While this is all well and good and certainly amps up the excitement of play, it is worth mentioning that there is a drawback to this since base payouts without multipliers are lower than typical. 

The other feature of note is a staple of Evolution Live releases. Though the host will only present in English, players can tweak the UI to display various languages, such as French and Spanish.


Going Over the Instant Super Sic Bo Payouts

Instant Super Sic Bo offers payouts that differ slightly from standard Sic Bo since certain wagers can be subject to random multipliers. With this addition, the already quite complex Sic Bo paytable may get a little perplexing. We've examined the varying rewards in the table below in an effort to make things more clear:


Base Game Payout

Top Multiplier Payout













Any Triple



Total 4 or 17



Total 5 or 16



Total 7 or 14



Total 8 or 13



Total 9 or12



Total 10 or 11







1:1, 2:1 if Double, 3:1 if Triple



97.22% is the best Instant Super Sic Bo RTP. This "optimal" figure, however, only applies to small/big and odd/even bets. Each kind of bet in Sic Bo has a unique RTP rate. For a full explanation of the data related to each kind of stake, consult one of the many available strategy manuals.

The RTP range for this specific table is 95.02% to 97.22%, which is consistently higher than the majority of other real-time Sic Bo tables—always a positive sign.


Super Sic Bo: The First Sic Bo Live Game by Evolution

Evolution released Live Super Sic Bo in 2016. It has an RTP of 92.13% with a minimum bet and maximum stake of £0.20 and £2,500, respectively. Playable on desktop and mobile platforms, the game spices up the formula of the greatest live Sic Bo games. Evolution takes pleasure in introducing a simple modification to traditional casino games: multipliers and Super Sic Bo was no exception. If you’d like to learn more about the game that started Evolution’s explorations in live Sic Bo then you can also read our article about Super Sic Bo Live’s gameplay.

Play Instant Super Sic Bo on Lord Ping

If you’re excited about the new Instant Super Sic Bo game then you’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy this title whenever you like here at Lord Ping; just explore our live casino game section.


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