The Best Live Blackjack Games on Lord Ping

Best Live Blackjack Games


With live casino games becoming more and more popular on a month-by-month basis, here at Lord Ping we are dedicated to ensuring that our players have a curated mix of the latest and greatest live casino games to enjoy 24/7. While it may be a very simple card game at its core, developers have now become highly innovative and creative bringing players new live blackjack experiences and in today’s article we’ll be exploring the best live blackjack games that you can play right here at Lord Ping.

Lightning Blackjack

Lightning Blackjack is a variation of Blackjack that provides players with increased rewards and Lightning Card multipliers, making it a really unique gaming experience. The game has high-payout RNG wins and is featured in an Art Deco game show setting, similar to Lightning Baccarat and Roulette. Lightning Blackjack was released in 2021 and has a 99.59% RTP, a £1 minimum bet, and a £1,000 maximum bet. The game features a multi-language configurable user interface and is accessible on PC and mobile devices.

Lightning Blackjack Game

Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack Live

In addition to standard gameplay, Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack features unique bonus features for live dealer blackjack. The game, which was released by Playtech in 2023, offers an RTP of up to 97.47% for the multiplier bonus and 99.55% for the primary blackjack hand. The game is playable on desktop and mobile devices, with a £1 minimum bet and a £2,000 maximum wager. This game uses the Mega Fire Blaze bonus feature that has previously been seen in Playtech’s original release Mega Fire Blaze Roulette.

Mega Fire Blaze Blackjack Live Game

Infinite Blackjack

Developer Evolution offers Live Infinite Blackjack, a "one-to-many" blackjack variant reminiscent of Vegas with incredibly low limits of £1 to £2500 for each hand. The 6-Card Charlie rule, which is typically disregarded in popular live dealer blackjack tables, is incorporated into Infinite Black.

There is no limit to the number of players who can join the table, and Infinite Blackjack can be played on the go with its mobile-compatible software. Despite being available to an infinite number of players (as the name suggests), just one hand is dealt to each player, allowing them to make their own play decisions because of sophisticated algorithms. Infinite Blackjack has a theoretical RTP of 94.6%. To learn more about this live game, check out our dedicated blog post.

Infinite Blackjack Game

Speed Blackjack

The idea behind Live Speed Blackjack was to eliminate the need to wait for player decisions to be made before the game can proceed. Once again, Evolution Gaming demonstrates that it is home to some of the most inventive minds in the business and that it is capable of completely changing the gaming industry with novel features and methods. The manner the cards are dealt after each player has received their initial two cards is the primary feature that sets Speed Blackjack apart from other blackjack games offered by live casinos. 

The sequence in which deals are dealt is determined by the speed at which you place your stake. When playing Speed Blackjack, the dealer hands the cards in any order, based on who can set the stakes the fastest. In standard blackjack, the dealer deals the cards from left to right. The game is played over 30% to 40% faster and the waiting time is decreased by drawing cards for the fastest players first and the slowest players last. Wagers for Speed Blackjack range from £250-2,500 per spin and has a gargantuan RTP of 99.28%.

Speed Blackjack Game

ONE Blackjack

Pragmatic Play's ONE Blackjack is an infinite-player version of Live Blackjack. Depending on how each player chooses to play the hand, an infinite number of players can play the identical blackjack hand, with each player's results remaining unique. Because of the game's great scalability, hundreds or even thousands of players can participate simultaneously and experience what it's like to be the only ones at the table.

Four alternative side bets are available in Pragmatic One Blackjack, which is played using Vegas rules. Of these, we haven't seen Crazy 7 in live dealer blackjack previously. Wagers range from £1 to £5000 and this game has an impressive RTP of 99.28%.

ONE Blackjack Game

Super Stake Blackjack

The second live dealer game from StakeLogic to take advantage of its ground-breaking Super Stake facility is Super Stake Blackjack. The Super Stake element was first introduced in Super Stake Roulette and consists of a fee deducted as a portion of the primary hand wager in order to enable the usage of multipliers in the game. The game appears to be an exact replica of Evolution's Lightning Blackjack at first glance. However, appearances might be deceiving because Super Stake Blackjack differs in plenty of ways largely thanks to the special wagers which can be made such as Golden  Pairs, Golden 3, 3, and Buzz-T. Accepted wagers on this game range from £1 to £2,500 and this live game has a theoretical RTP of 98.01%.

Super Stake Blackjack Game

Play The Best Live Blackjack Games on Lord Ping Today

As you can see here at Lord Ping we offer a wide variety of live blackjack games designed to suit varying budgets, playstyles, player types and more. To check out any or all of the live blackjack games mentioned above (and many more) sign up and play today.



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