A Cause For Celebration But No Harry


Time For Celebrations

Turning 75-years-old is a cause for celebration, an important milestone that marks making it three quarters of the way through a century, but King Charles III’s upcoming birthday has been marred - unsurprisingly - by his youngest son. The King turns 75 this month, but Prince Harry won’t be there to wish his father a ‘happy birthday’, reports suggest. 

While it was first said Harry had snubbed an invite, his spokespeople later shared that there had been ‘no contact regarding an invitation to His Majesty’s upcoming birthday’, but is it any wonder? 

Non-Invite No Surprise

When anything that goes on behind the palace doors could now appear in a book, a Netflix series, or a podcast, Harry’s apparent non-invite to celebrations should come as no surprise, as the King and his people can’t be blamed for wanting to protect themselves from further gossip and drama. 

But by highlighting the fact he hasn’t received an invite at all, Harry is once again playing into the ‘poor me’ narrative and casting a negative light on his family during what should be a joyous time. 

To comment on the situation only serves to paint his father in a bad light and to put it quite frankly, is also a very common thing to do. He’s made his bed over in California and he should be prepared to lie in it in quiet dignity instead of using every opportunity to disparage his family. 

Important Reminder To Harry

If anything, this birthday should serve as an important reminder to the Duke of Sussex that his father is not getting any younger and that the right thing to do is to try and reconcile their relationship as soon as possible. 

Time is incredibly precious, and Harry should know that all too well with the heartache he suffered by losing his beloved mother when he was just a boy. I would implore him to avoid making any more deeply unnecessary statements to press through his spokespeople or otherwise, and make things right with his father. While he may have made a new life for himself with Meghan and their two children, 

Archie and Lilibet, in the US, his old life in the UK and the people that have known him all these years should not be forgotten. While we may not always see eye-to-eye with family, more often than not they have been the people who have seen us at our worst and our best and I believe he will one day grow to regret the connections he’s severed. 

King Charles1.png

King Charles III 

Time Of Reflection

My thoughts are with the King because there will be no doubt that Harry will be on his mind on his birthday, as he turns 75-years-old, I’m sure he’ll be reflecting on the chapters that came before that his youngest child was such a key part of. It’s stress that a man in his mid-70s and with a demanding job just doesn’t need. 

I hope His Majesty is afforded some peace of mind in knowing he’s done all he can, and that the ball is in Harry’s court to make things right between them. I also hope he has many more birthdays ahead of him, so Harry can swallow his pride and be there when his father is next blowing out his candles. 


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