A Marvelous Occasion


Britain basked in the glory of the coronation this weekend as King Charles III heroically took the throne in front of millions of adoring fans. 

Saturday saw the long-serving Charles finally be crowned at the historic Westminster Abbey in a ceremony that was as emotional as it was historic. Though the Royal Family have endured a tough few years, it was superb to see them finally have the day they so richly deserve.


Reign Officially Underway

The King’s reign officially began with the usual pomp and circumstance you could expect from Britain, complete with fly-overs, flag-wavers, and national anthem-singing patriots. Though millions of Brits watched the official ceremony on their TVs, in-person attendance was reserved for the elite only. 

The common sort did, however, have the privilege of waving to His Majesty as he stood upon the Royal Balcony at Buckingham Palace. For just a while, it seemed like old-school law and order had been restored to the UK, with the public gleefully bowing to their Royal overlords and anti-monarchist protesters being sent elsewhere. If I had things my way, this would be the norm in Britain and each day would consist of a healthy dose of Royal-worship in the morning bookended by the same in the evening. 

King Charles, 74, is truly born to rule over us, though the coronation did remind me of the pain I felt last Setpemeber when Her Majesty suddenly passed away. As great as the weekend was, it did mark the first Royal Event since the Queen’s passing, so I do admit a few tears were shed

Inconspicuous Harry 

I was extremely worried that the presence of Harry and Meghan would derail the sacred ceremony, but thankfully the Royals’ day passed without incident. As little time as I have for the gruesome twosome, I do have to commend them on their behaviour on Coronation Day and I find myself asking why they couldn’t have acted so inconspicuously in the past. 

The weather may not have been great, but the British public managed to make the most out of their long weekend with street parties, family get-togethers, and afternoons in the pub. The UK Royal subjects were, just for a while, able to forget about their troubles and meagre salaries as they partied, danced, and pledged allegiance to the King who will rule over them for the rest of his majestic life. 

The festivities may be over, but Charles’ historic reign upon the British throne is just beginning, and I truly can’t wait to see what it brings.


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