Rees-Mogg Should Return To The Office


Working from home has been a luxury we’re all far too used to. Yes, it was necessary during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, but now the world is healing, a return to the office should be our focus. 

Why Jacob Rees Mogg isn’t Prime Minister baffles me. Yes, he may be extremely posh, but the man is razor-sharp and isn’t afraid to share his opinions. You’ve heard me wax lyrical about him before as doing so never gets old or stale. 


Rees-Mogg Notes

The 52-year-old politician recently came under fire for his ‘Dickensian’ views on home working. After two years, civil servants everywhere are encouraged to come back to the office with open arms and finally trade in their jogging bottoms for smart trousers. 

I fail to see anything wrong with that, yet the public seem to be outraged. Last week, the MP posted several notes around offices in the capital reading ‘’Sorry you were out when I visited. I look forward to seeing you in the office very soon. With every good wish, Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.’’

It’s no surprise that I deeply admire Rees-Mogg. His leadership, views, and overall life outlook are delightfully nostalgic and reminiscent of the golden age of British life. If he was in charge, plush home offices would quickly be a thing of the past. 

Referring to a ‘’London weighting allowance’’, Rees-Mogg correctly stated that it’s unfair for civil servants to claim extra pay if they aren’t leaving their humble abodes. He is also correct in stating that in-person, face-to-face working is of paramount importance to working life and overall output levels. 

Trump You Buffoon!

Trump You Buffoon!

Time For Maximum Productivity

It’s time Britain returned to maximum productivity. We have a lot of work to do, and the best way to tackle it is, like previous generations, to roll up our sleeves and show the world how it’s done. Jacob Rees-Mogg and I both realise this - proving that we really are two peas in a pod after all. I’ve written glowing letters to the MP several times, but I understand that the man is too busy to respond. 

Some have panned the notes left by Rees-Mogg in Whitehall offices as insulting, demeaning, and condescending (meaning he talks down to people). He’s been labelled as ‘’the honourable member for the 18th century’’ for his old-school views on emphasis on retaining British custom. Critics have suggested that the notes were vulgar and alarmingly out-of-touch. 

What’s wrong with the 18th century? The time was, I’m sure,  lovely. They may not have had electricity or the Internet, but you can be sure that communities were closer-knit and there wasn’t as much division as there is today. If Rees-Mogg wants to hark back to those times, then more power to him. I wouldn’t mind seeing some old traditions undergo a resurgence. 

Another ‘critique’ of Rees-Mogg is that he’s reminiscent of a Charles Dickens character. Since when is a comparison to one of Britain's greatest literary figures an insult? Knowing the politician’s ‘old-fashioned’ nature, I’m sure he’s smiling at the comparison and considers it an honour. 

Take Me Back To The 1970’s!

Take Me Back To The 1970’s!

I Stand By By You Sir

The cost of living crisis may be bad, but I fully stand with Jacob-Rees Mogg and denounce any criticism coming his way. He’s simply a man who’s interested in increasing Britain's productivity and power. 

I don’t think his comments were meant to offend, rather they were intended to rally the nation to return to their rightful places of work. From now on, I shall consider him the rightful Prime Minister and one I wouldn’t be against residing in Buckingham Palace. 

The home may be perfect for relaxation, but it is no place to serve the country. Britain should embrace the demise of home-working and get ready to commute once again. 



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