Take Me Back To The 1970’s!


I’ve heard recently that the current cost-of-living crisis threatens to drag the nation back to the 1970s. Though I understand the true meaning of this statement, I must admit that part of me wishes we really could go back to that glorious decade and stay there forever. 

For those who don’t know, the 70s were a time where society had some courage. The media didn’t rush to cancel anything remotely controversial, pints of beer were outrageously cheap, and music was dominated by some of the greatest acts of all time. Can we go back, please? I’ll happily pay for the DeLorean.


Glorious Decade But Far From Perfect

Admittedly, the decade was far from perfect and there may very well be an element of rose-tinted glasses at play here. My biggest issue with the period being the strength of the trade unions and the worrying threat of anti-government sentiment. 

I was a whole lot younger then, but even I saw the vulgarity of The Sex Pistols and the offensive nature of punk rock. I remember having a recurring nightmare that the punks stormed Buckingham Palace and trashed everything in-sight. I would wake up in a sweat, hyperventilating, before being relieved that it was all a dream and that Her Majesty was safe. 

Constant strikes made my life a nightmare. Luckily for me, order was restored once Thatcher took charge and I finished the 1970s giddy with excitement, though I had started to bald slightly. It, however, was a small price to pay. Eleven glorious years under Thatcher restored my faith in the country, evaporated my fears of rebellion, and made me a lot of money. 

Trump You Buffoon!

Trump You Buffoon!

Cost-Of-Living Crisis Impact

Today’s cost of living crisis may not touch everyone but I still think it’s an outrage that this great country has so many residents who can barely afford to live here. Inflation reached 5.5% in January and is rapidly overtaking wage growth. Young people, though irritating, are correct in stating that they simply don’t get paid enough to enjoy British life to its fullest extent. 

That’s a crying shame, as we all know what this country is capable of when it’s at its best. We’re world leaders who should be setting an example, not struggling behemoths who look at the happiness levels of countries like Germany, Sweden, and Norway with envy. British industry declined in the 1970s, but we were still leading the way culturally. 

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

All Hail The Return Of Social Media!

Take Me Back To The 70’s

I would love to go back to the 1970s to be free from cancel culture and obnoxious Tik-Tokers. I do, however, understand that nostalgia is a powerful thing and that there are real issues facing Britons today. The COVID-created economic problems combined with the recent geopolitical crisis have made things incredibly difficult for today’s upstarts, and a lot of them simply don’t have the moral fiber to get through these tough times. 

Widespread strikes have taken over British industry much like it did in my formative years. This prevents Britons from going to work and, if they’re shift workers, earning a paycheck. Anti-government protests are in-vogue, and fashion is getting more and more avant-garde. Call me crazy, but maybe the sensationalists are right in saying this country is being dragged back 50 years into the past. I just hope ale returns to its old prices, but I’m not holding my breath. 

I hope that we’re sent a Thatcher-esque leader who’ll sort out our problems and lead us through the remainder of the 2020s in style. After Britain’s recent woes, we deserve a savior. Whilst the 1970s were a phenomenal decade in a number of ways, I doubt the youth of today have the intestinal fortitude to stomach TV dinners, cigarette-stained curtains, and double denim. 



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