All Hail The Return Of Social Media!


Now that Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase is confirmed, I think it’s time I gushed praise on the Tesla CEO once again. Doing so is a hobby, maybe even an honour, due to his unparalleled genius and knack for cutting-edge solutions. 

Musk’s main aspiration for the social media platform is to reduce the amount of censorship and bring back silenced voices. Whilst I’m a little too old to wrap my head around the intricacies of social media, I can’t help but smile and tip my hat to the South African billionaire.


Free Speech The Bedrock Of Democracy

Musk struck a deal to purchase Twitter for a whopping $44 billion. He spoke of the ‘’tremendous potential’’ of the platform and realises how powerful it can be when used correctly. Speaking on banned and blacklisted accounts, Musk brilliantly stated ‘’free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy’’. How correct he is, and it’s shocking (yet, at the same time, not surprising) to see how many people don’t agree with him.

Whilst I’m no fan of hate speech or offensive material, I do think you can argue that Twitter picks and chooses its battles and who it blocks. Salt-of-the-earth blokes like me have been approaching Twitter with apprehension, sometimes even fear, that our views will be censored or met with scorn. I hope Musk can use his wry sense of humour and smart life outlook to help make Twitter a more inviting place. 

Man United A Symbol To What Has Happened To Our Nation

Man United A Symbol To What Has Happened To Our Nation

Twitter Has Become A Hypocritical Mess

Twitter has become a rather hypocritical mess in recent years. It liberally blocks people from sharing differing views. It claims it's for the public, but is awash with annoying advertising and intrusive suggested cookies. 

The purchase is not without its critics, with some stating Musk is nothing more than a bully hiding behind a facade. To them, I say this - Musk is leading humanity in the future. He’s designing ways for the human race to survive in the long-term future and do you think he’s going to care about what a university student who cannot wake up before midday thinks of him?

The bullying received by Musk is yet more evidence of the vile, inhospitable place Twitter has become. They champion self-expression, but only if its users abide by the political code set by its privileged Silicon Valley executives. Musk, however, is a battle-hardened businessman who won’t be pushed around by annoying shareholders or a pitchfork-wielding mob. He’ll see Twitter return to its full potential, unite people from all over the world, and welcome civil discussion about opposing viewpoints. This is how the Internet should be, and frankly I find it ridiculous that this bare minimum seems like such an aspirational fantasy. 

St George’ s Day Was One Of Patriotic Reflection

St George’ s Day Was One Of Patriotic Reflection

Musk To Guide Our Virtual Future

I think it’s time we allowed Elon Musk to guide us into the virtual future. He’s already drawing up plans to take us to Mars and make electric cars the new normal - so why wouldn’t I trust him in his social media quests? I just hope he makes it mandatory to digitally salute The Queen every morning. Actually, I would happily make him an honorary citizen of the United Kingdom, such are the magnitude of his achievements. 

It seems we have a new digital overlord in town. I’ve already spent many evenings down at my local pub hailing Jeff Bezos, and now it looks like my friends will learn all about the wonders of Elon Musk. 

I’m off to redownload Twitter. I have no idea how to set it up, but I won’t let that stop me from enjoying the wonders of this marvellous new era. 



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