Behind You Richard


Richard Madeley caused me immense worry when he light-heartedly threatened to walk off the set of Good Morning Britain after his co-host Sussanna Reid joked he looked like a Ken doll. 

Reid stated that she would love a doll-version of herself whilst interviewing Dr. Maggie Aderin-Peacock (a successful space scientist who has recently been honoured with a personalised Barbie doll) causing Madeley to chime in saying he’d love a plastic likeness of himself, too.


Ken Doll Comparison

Reid stated that Madeley already looked like a Ken doll, causing the legend to jokingly exclaim that he was ‘’out of here’’. He may have been joking, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t seriously worried at the time. 

Madeley has had to suffer a lot of trials and tribulations throughout his storied career and perhaps this is the incident which finally caused the camel’s back to break. I worried that, with all the flack he has gotten, that the 66-year-old really had reached the end of his tether and was prepared to walk out of the Good Morning Britain studio right there and then. 

Morgan And Vine 

It was, after all, only two years ago when Piers Morgan walked out of the same hosting position after becoming entangled in an argument with weatherman Alex Beresford. I may not have agreed with everything Morgan said that day, but watching him storm out of the studio caused me pain that I can only describe as feeling like a dagger in my heart. 

Earlier this week, broadcaster Jeremy Vine was involved in a near-miss whilst cycling in London - making it a nervous week for Britain's greatest TV figures. As much as I love Susanna Reid, I will not sit back and watch her describe Madeley’s majestic hair as looking like a plastic toy. Madeley is so much more than that, and I decry anybody who thinks otherwise. 


The former Richard and Judy star recently returned to television after completing tongue surgery - caused by an incident where a car door slammed into his chin. Just days into his return, and the legend was openly disrespected on the air - something I’ve come to expect from the same show that forced Piers Morgan to quit. 

I assure Richard Madeley that he looks superb for his age and any negative comments, even if they’re meant to be a sarcastic barb, are simply down to pure jealousy. 


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