Near Miss For Vine


Beloved broadcaster Jeremy Vine has been involved in a shocking near-collision with a bus. The TV icon, 57, was cycling around London and screamed ‘Woah!’ as a double-decker approached him from behind. 

The near-miss occurred earlier this week on an early, nondescript midweek morning. As many of us were still asleep, we had no idea that one of the most preeminent broadcasters of this generation was just seconds away from serious injury or worse.


Cycling Ambassador

The incident left me a nervous wreck as I consider Vine to be one of the premier broadcasters on British television and I’d have been truly devastated had anything happened to him. Vine has always been a fantastic ambassador for cycling and, though I loathe him, I can’t help but respect his unwavering dedication. 

The incident sparked a debate on social media, with a video of the incident receiving more than 2.2 million plays and sparking discussion from both sides. Some felt that Mr. Vine was incredibly hard-done-by (a sentiment I concur with) whilst others lambasting the TV host for being in the way of the bus. 

Social media has once again become embroiled in the latest installment in the feud between motorists and cyclists.

Drivers v Cyclists - Who’s In The Right?

One silver lining of the Jeremy Vine incident is that it opened up a new debate on the drivers vs cyclists debate. 

Vine himself maintains that he was in the right, and that the bus passed him carelessly. Others claimed that it was his prerogative to move out of the way of the bus, as a bicycle can change direction much quicker than a double-decker can. 

Looking at the video, we can see that the bus was encroaching on the designated cycle lane, meaning that Vine couldn’t do anything to get out of the driver’s way. Vine, however, did not slow down to allow the bus to pass - rendering the debate equal for now at least. 

There are three certainties in life - death, taxes, and drivers and cyclists feuding. Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, you can be assured that the conversation will not go away anytime soon and the debate may only be settled once we’ve achieved futuristic hovercrafts. 

I declare that we wrap Jeremy Vine in cotton wool to lessen the chances of him being involved in a potential horror-crash. Great broadcasters are hard to come by and Vine represents one part of what I call the ‘holy trinity’ of benevolent TV hosts in the UK - Vine, Richard Madeley, and Piers Morgan - each one achieving greatness in their own way. 

I’d be very happy to track down the bus driver who almost mowed Jeremy Vine down and give him a piece of my mind. As the United Kingdom’s great name continues to be sullied, it’s relieving that I’ll go to bed tonight knowing Jeremy Vine is safe and sound. 

Drivers and cyclists may never agree, but we should at least try to live with some semblance of harmony. 


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