Bravo Heinz On Your Patriotic Condiments


Heinz, the condiment makers, have recently announced they are to create bottles of ‘’HM Sauce’’ and ‘’Salad Queen’’ ahead of The Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The condiments launched at the beginning of May and can be found at most major retailers. A statement from Heinz proclaimed: ‘’This is an extraordinary moment for The Queen and the great British public, and we want to celebrate this with two of most well-loved and historic sauces.’’


Stock Your Pantry With Patriotic Condiments

How delightful. I think it’s great that, despite being an American company, Heinz is so determined to celebrate The Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee and join in on the festivities with these wonderful products. I have no doubt they’ll sell like hot cakes and the public will love them. 

I, most certainly, will be stocking up my pantry with these patriotic condiments and telling my neighbors all about them. I’m sure the local community will be in raptures when I offer them some HM Sauce on their sausages or Salad Queen on their sandwiches. It’ll be wholesome, British fun - just what the doctor ordered after two summers in lockdown. I think it’s fair to say that we, the public, deserve this Jubilee weekend - though not nearly as much as Her Majesty. 

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Delighted With The New Jubilee Bank Holiday

Heize Building Jubilee Excitement

All this does is build excitement for the Jubilee even more. It’s safe to say that the celebration will be one of the highlights of the year and it may even be one of the greatest weekends of my life. I think it’s tremendous that the public is joining together for this and partaking in some good old fashioned British tradition. 

I’ve already ordered several bottles of both sauces and hope the proceeds go directly to the Royal Family. What makes me smile even more is the fact that, according to a recent poll, 50% of Britons surveyed will be using the Jubilee as a reason to enjoy foods that are authentically British. This is music to my ears and I consider the poll outstanding news. 

James Corden Please Return To Your Rightful Home

James Corden Please Return To Your Rightful Home

National Pride Returning

I only wish the Jubilee could be celebrated every day. I think it’s high time that national pride returned to these shores considering the hardships we’ve experienced in recent years. My personal utopia is to see Britons of all different walks of life talking about our history, our achievements, and our wonderful future. 

Well done, Heinz, you have made this old codger’s day and made him look forward to the Jubilee even more - and I didn’t think that was even possible. 

I hope you’ll join me for a helping of Salad Queen on your celebratory meal this June. It will certainly be quite the occasion. 



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